“You know how I feel about transgenders…” Sean Strickland reacts to UFC signing $100 million worth deal with Bud Light beer after Dylan Mulvaney controversy

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland responds to the recent news of Bud Light's collaboration with the UFC. His opinion might surprise fans.

“You know how I feel about transgenders…” Sean Strickland reacts to UFC signing $100 million worth deal with Bud Light beer after Dylan Mulvaney controversy

Sean Strickland reacts to UFC-Bud Light partnership announcement ( Image via Imago / X )

UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland has lent his support to the recent announcement of the collaboration between Bud Light and the UFC. Through an Instagram video, Strickland shared that he received the news of Bud Light’s sponsorship while en route to his training session. He expressed his satisfaction with the beer brand for taking the right step.


In his own words, Sean Strickland said:

You know how I feel about transgenders…I, Sean Strickland, a representation of the American people, [am] going to fix you Bud Light. Thank you for giving me money, thank you for supporting my platform, I'm going to help you guys.
Sean Strickland via Instagram

Strickland did voice his reservations about Bud Light’s previous alliance with transgender influencer Dylan Mulvaney earlier this year. He emphasized his advocacy for biological females. However, Strickland noted that expressing his views on Instagram would lead to his removal from the platform. The recent announcement revealed that Bud Light would regain its status as the official beer of the UFC championship. As part of the partnership, Bud Light would assume the role of the official UFC beer in the United States, with Anheuser-Busch becoming the exclusive “Official Beer Partner of UFC,” effective from January 2024.

This change meant Bud Light would replace former partner Modelo as the official beer. While it prompted some UFC fans to express their discontent and threaten to cancel their subscriptions, Strickland remained supportive of the partnership.


Sean Strickland speaks on fighting Khamzat Chimaev for first title defense

Sean Strickland voiced his strong opinion that Khamzat Chimaev was not a suitable candidate for a title shot. Strickland firmly asserted that Chimaev had not put in the necessary work to justify a title opportunity. Chimaev managed to secure a majority decision victory against the former welterweight champion Kamaru Usman in the co-main event at UFC 294

Sean Strickland Bud Light
Sean Strickland beat Islam Makhachev to become UFC middleweight champion (Image via Imago)

However, in Strickland’s view, Chimaev has not truly earned this privilege. Winning a decision against a welterweight fighter with limited prior middleweight experience did not meet Strickland’s criteria for deserving a title shot. This is what Strickland said:

He hasn’t f*cking deserved it, but here we are… I’ll go fight the fcking man for five rounds. But no, he’s not earned it…Getting a decision with a welterweight off the couch is not f*king earning it.
Sean Strickland via Extra Rounds.

Acknowledging one positive aspect of Chimaev, Strickland pointed out his ability to generate interest and sell fights. People seem to have strong opinions about Chimaev, whether they like or dislike him. To Strickland, however, Chimaev primarily represents a financial incentive due to his capacity to attract fans and viewers. Nevertheless, in Strickland’s eyes, this did not equate to deserving a title shot.

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