Shaquille O’Neal vs Charles Barkley BOOKED to fight for UFC CEO Dana White on Super Bowl Weekend

NBA legends O'Neal and Barkley engage in light-hearted banter about Dana White's Power Slap League amidst concerns over its safety and compensation for athletes.

Shaquille O’Neal vs Charles Barkley BOOKED to fight for UFC CEO Dana White on Super Bowl Weekend

Dana White hilariously promote Shaquille O'Neal and Charles Barkley banter (Image via: IMAGO, X/NBA on TNT)

Shaquille O’Neal and Charles Barkley are the analysts for NBA on TNT along with Ernie Johnson Jr. and Kenny Smith. Friendly banter between O’Neal and Barkley is one of the best moments of the show. The former NBA MVP’s recent banter brought up Dana White‘s Power Slap League.


Their recent banter made them hilariously settle their score at Dana White Power Slap League. For their hypothetical matchup, Shaquille O’Neal allowed Charles Barkley to be the first to slap. Confident in his prowess, Barkley asserted that he would knock out O’Neal.

Dana White posted the hilarious interaction of the two on social media to promote his Power Slap event. Nevertheless, the chances of this happening are very low. The banter is routine for the two as they argue and differ on almost any take they have.

Dana White recently announced via Instagram Story that a promo for the competition went viral than any reel that Taylor Swift posted on Instagram. Power Slap is according to White the most-viewed League on social media. Nevertheless, White faces criticism for the league due to its health risks and low pay.


White’s recent UFC event was a big success. The recent UFC Austin Fight Night broke many records for the promotion. A total of 10 fighters got a $500,000 bonus for their performance. Arman Tsarukyan, Jalin Turner, Deiveson Figueiredo, and Sean Brady among others had impressive performances at the event. Moreover, the quick KO victory of Tsarukyan even made Dana White sway his mind on the lightweight title picture.

Top businessman praises UFC CEO Dana White on White’s favorite podcast

Patrick Bet-David was a recent guest on the Full Send Podcast. Full Send Podcast by the NELK Boys is one of the favorite podcasts of Dana White. Bet-David, a millionaire insurance businessman, is a fan of the UFC and has interviewed the likes of Khabib Nurmagomedov, Dustin Poirier, and Francis Ngannou.

Dana White
Dana White (via Imago)

During the interview with NELK Boys, Bet-David praised Dana White who was a recent guest on the podcast. This is what he said about Dana White.

Who's the alpha in UFC? Like, as a guy that runs the show, Dana. Dana's an alpha, by the way. Is it even a question that he's an alpha? No, he's the guy. You don't tell Dana, 'Better this, better that.' What are you talking about? You go build a company from 2 million into a $10 billion company, with all the bullsh*t every time you're being criticized, taking shots. He's the alpha. He'll take the arrows, he'll go after it, he'll do all of that.

Bet-David praised the UFC CEO for making a $2 million UFC into the $10 billion company it is today. Moreover, he praised White for doing business the way like an ‘Alpha’. The UFC is the fastest-growing sports league in the world.


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