“He’s rotten at his core” – SHOCKING! Daniel Cormier predicted Jon Jones’ exact future 6 years ago

During their intense rivalry, Daniel Cormier commented on Jon Jones' character, and turns out DC's words held a lot of truth in them.

Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones
Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones
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There hasn’t been a rivalry in the UFC that was as real as Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones. The two light heavyweights absolutely hated each other and still do. During their rivalry, the two fighters spewed venom about the other without holding back anything. During the course of their rivalry, it turns out that DC knew exactly how Jones’ life was shaping up to be.

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier have fought each other twice in the octagon and the widely claimed light heavyweight GOAT clearly got the better of the former two-division champion both times. The first fight was held at UFC 182 when Jones beat Cormier via unanimous decision. In 2017, at UFC 214 the rematch was held and Jones knocked out DC but the fight’s decision was overturned after Jones tested positive for steroids.

The UFC always knew the potential of the rivalry and did not leave any chance to promote the fight to the fullest. The promotion had some amazing press conferences and pre-fight talk shows. In one such pre-fight talk show with Joe Rogan acting as the mediator, Cormier spoke some very real words about Jones’ ego that stops him from being a good human being. It turns out Cormier wasn’t too wrong after all.

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Daniel Cormier says Jon Jones will never learn from his mistakes in life

Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier
Jon Jones and Daniel Cormier

Jones might be the most gifted fighter the world has ever seen and is arguably the GOAT. However, the fighter’s career is always downplayed because of his history with steroids which many believe have enhanced his fight game. The fighter not only has gotten into trouble inside the octagon but also has run into trouble with the law several times and is still continuing to do that.

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In the Jones vs Cormier one on one conversation, Jones says that he is in a better place in his life. This interview took place in 2016 and DC completely shuts him down. “Sobering truth is, his [Jones] history dictates and determines that the same thing is going to happen. That is his character and that is him at his core,” said Daniel as Jones stares him down from his seat.

“I look at the young lady, the PR lady that’s on his team now and I see in her eyes she knows she’s fighting a losing battle. I look at his coaches, I see that these guys know that this kid will not change. He’s the same guy and he’s rotten at his core,” added Cormier speaking about Jones. Looking back at it, DC doesn’t seem wrong at all. At the end of 2021, Jones still was getting into trouble with the law for abusing his fiancee. What do you think of DC and Jones’ rivalry?

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