“Sorry ladies” – UFC superstar Charles Oliveira reveals new ‘babe’ to UFC world leaving fans in frenzy

Charles Oliveira's post on Instagram made waves across the MMA community after attending UFC Sao Paulo event with a special someone..

“Sorry ladies” – UFC superstar Charles Oliveira reveals new ‘babe’ to UFC world leaving fans in frenzy

Charles Oliveira shares Instagram post with new "babe" that is causing a stir in the MMA community. (via Instagram)

Inside the octagon, Charles Oliveira is referred to as “do Bronx” in the MMA community. He remains a formidable opponent inside the octagon for anyone. His incredible rise to the top of the UFC’s lightweight category is a tribute to his talent, tenacity, and fortitude. But in the middle of his career triumph, friends and followers on social media suddenly started talking about his personal life.

Fight fans and the MMA community have responded excitedly to Charles Oliveira’s latest relationship disclosure on Instagram. The MMA world was ablaze with excitement and interest when the former UFC lightweight champion posted a photo of himself and his new girlfriend, Vitoria Brum, with heartfelt captions. This is what he mentioned:


Minha gata @vitoriabrum_ ❤️
Charles Oliveira via Instagram

Fight fans expressed various emotions in the comments section of Oliveira’s post, from disappointment to congratulations. Many fans expressed their joy for “Do Bronx” and congratulated him on his new relationship. They congratulated the pair and expressed their admiration, welcoming Oliveira’s new chapter in her personal life.

Charles Oliveira is more than just a fighter to many people. He serves as an inspiration and role model. His personal decisions, particularly those about relationships, consequently generate intense feelings among his fan following.  Fight fans will likely keep voicing their thoughts, showing their strong bond with the fighter that extends beyond his athletic skills.

Fans react to Charles Oliveira’s post about his new relationship

Fans of former UFC lightweight champion Charles Oliveira were split and upset after learning about his new relationship with Vitoria Brum. Oliveira’s Instagram post of himself with Brum elicited a broad range of comments from his passionate fan base.

Charles Oliveira
Charles Oliveira graces the octagon (Image Courtesy – Sports Illustrated)

This big announcement came as a shock to his supporters. Some fans congratulated him enthusiastically. Others were disappointed, recalling his previous marriage to Talita Roberta and finding it difficult to accept the shift. Some supporters were protective, while some emphasized the significance of respecting Oliveira’s personal choices and accepting his right to privacy. These are some of the reactions to his post:

Regardless of the varying responses, one thing remained consistent: Oliveira’s supporters’ fierce loyalty and genuine concern for him, both inside and outside the octagon.

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