“Going to throw my iPhone 11 through the tv” – UFC superstar furiously rants against Taylor Swift stealing spotlight from Hollywood favorite Ryan Reynolds at NFL game

UFC superstar Michael Chandler shared his frustration over Taylor Swift's media attention in the NFL by ranting on social media.

“Going to throw my iPhone 11 through the tv” – UFC superstar furiously rants against Taylor Swift stealing spotlight from Hollywood favorite Ryan Reynolds at NFL game

Michael Chandler and Taylor Swift(Image courtesy: IMAGO, Twitter)

UFC lightweight Michael Chandler is one of the most entertaining fighters on the roster. The former Bellator champion recently tweeted multiple rants over his frustration from an NFL game. Reportedly, two famous stars, Taylor Swift and Ryan Reynolds, attended the NFL game between the Kansas City Chiefs and the New York Jets. However, the media had the majority of focus on the pop star. This did not sit well with Chandler, who ranted hilariously on X (formerly known as Twitter).


Chandler, on his Twitter, wrote some tweets, one of them said, “Imagine being the “Taylor cam” camera guy tonight – job description: “ok, she’s in that box, we strategically put you right here in this spot. keep a camera on her the entire game. Don’t look at the football game. Just look at her. Her every move. That’s it.” The following tweet was, “If they mention t-swift one more time without mentioning Ryan Reynolds is in the same box I’m going to throw my iPhone 11 through the tv.” Fans sympathized with Chandler’s frustration, as many of them commented on his tweets.

The NFL headlines feature the dating life of Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift weekly. This will continue throughout the season, and fighters like Chandler would rant about it. Last week, Belal Muhammad insulted Swift at the Chiefs-Bears game. Beyond the octagon, Chandler holds a fantastic personality and motivates his peers regularly. After his move from Bellator, his first fight win against Dan Hooker introduced him to a larger audience.

Further, Chandler is respected in combat for not shying away from challenges. His next upcoming fight will be an unprecedented blockbuster against UFC superstar Conor Mcgregor.


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Michael Chandler replies to fans tweeting on his recent Taylor Swift rant

No.5 ranked lightweight contender Michael Chandler was not in agreement in some NFL practices regarding guest appearances. Chandler’s tweets regarding the over-attentive media focus on popstar Taylor Swift showed his frustration. However, Chandler went on to reply to tweets from fans after ranting. Check out some of them.

Michael Chandler
Michael Chandler (Image Courtesy – Men’s Health)

Chandler’s upcoming fight will be against Irish superstar and TUF rival coach Conor McGregor. The fight will potentially take place in early 2024. Chandler’s opponent, McGregor, will step into the octagon after two years of layoff due to a leg injury. Chandler returns after his last fight in November 2022 against Dustin Poirier. Both fighters are coming from a long lay-off but only one can emerge victorious.

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