“Greatest fighter, but a f***ng idiot”- Tai Tuivasa provides his honest assessment of Jon Jones

Tai Tuivasa says Jon Jones is undoubtedly the greatest fighter to ever step inside the octagon, but he's an assho** of a human being.

Tai Tuivasa on Jon Jones
Tai Tuivasa on Jon Jones

Former light heavyweight champion, Jon Jones relinquished his title back in 2020. Jones made this move to make his much anticipated heavyweight debut, but a fall-out with the UFC spoiled his big return.

Jones wanted more money to compete in the heavyweight division, and after a lot of discussions he has finally come to terms with the UFC, and now he’s expected to face the former champion, Stipe Miocic. Miocic lost his belt to Francis Ngannou, and now that the champ is out from action following knee surgery, the UFC has decided to move ahead with the division.

Other contenders like Tai Tuivasa and Ciryl Gane are also waiting for their turns, but they’ll have to wait for the champ to come back. Nevertheless, a fight between Tuivasa and Gane has been booked, and the winner would most likely find himself in the title contention. Tuivasa recently appeared on The AllStars Fine Dining, where he talked about many things, he discussed Jon Jones, and he provided an interesting assessment of the former champ.

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“Win or lose”- Tai Tuivasa would love an opportunity to fight Jon Jones

Jon Jones and Tai Tuivasa
Jon Jones and Tai Tuivasa

Tai believes Jones is undoubtedly the greatest fighter to ever step inside the octagon, but he’s an absolutely terrible human being. “Jones is probably the best MMA fighter of all time. Doesn’t matter f**ng. He’s still a d*ck head. He is what he is, I think he’s the greatest MMA fighter of all time but if you’re a f***ng idiot, you’re a f***ng idiot.”

Hitting your missus or whatever, blah, blah, blah. I don’t know the story. Everyone’s got their own things, if you’re an idiot, you’re an idiot. That’s it. But he still is who he is.”

Talking about a potential fight between these two, he said, “If I ever got the opportunity, I’d fight him. I do this to say like, ‘One day, I’ll fight the champion.’ Well, f***, I fought him. Win or lose, maybe I might win, maybe I might lose, at least I can say I got to have a crack and some guys I’ve beaten, some guys I haven’t. That’s how I kind of live my life. If I ever had a chance, of course, I would.”

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