“But I have power to knock anybody out…” Tom Aspinall admits Prime Daniel Cormier is ‘nightmare matchup’ for him

UFC interim heavyweight champion Tom Aspinall makes a stunning comment about Daniel Cormier and what would have happened if they fought in their primes.

“But I have power to knock anybody out…” Tom Aspinall admits Prime Daniel Cormier is ‘nightmare matchup’ for him

Tom Aspinall feels Daniel Cormier would have been a stylistic nightmare fight for him (via Imago/ MMA Mania)

The UFC’s interim heavyweight champ, Tom Aspinall, recently showed his humility. He revealed that the former two-division champion Daniel Cormier in his prime, would have given him a tough battle.

Tom Aspinall kept it real when he said Daniel Cormier’s cardio, elite wrestling, and non-stop pressure attacking style could have caused him big problems. Basically, he thought Cormier’s relentless, smothering approach in his prime years would have become too much against his own strengths. Here is what Aspinall said:

You know what I always say and I say every time I see DC. I think he is an absolute nightmare match-up for me. He is short,  he’s fit, he’s a good wrestler, he keeps coming at you. He would have been very, very hard work for me. But I believe that I have the power to knock anybody out. So I think I could beat him, but stylistically he is a terrible match-up for me.
Tom Aspinall via Tom Aspinall Official YT

Aspinall made sure to point out he still believed his lights-out knockout power gave him a puncher’s chance against anyone. But he remained humble enough to know guys like Prime Cormier were tailored to frustrate strikers like himself. He believed Cormier would just keep coming at you relentlessly, hunting for takedowns with his dominant wrestling

Even though he was the interim champ who knocked out Sergei Pavlovich, Aspinall showed he could be honest about his weaknesses. Tom gave Cormier total props, admitting the all-time great would give him problems. Aspinall has called out the current heavyweight king, Jon Jones, multiple times and believed he had the skill to defeat him.

The video showed Aspinall’s humility and humble-minded nature. He knew his own limitations and didn’t try to act like he was unbeatable. Fight fans respect him for showing that kind of honest self-awareness, even as a rising champ.


Fight fans react to Tom Aspinall showering praise on Daniel Cormier

MMA fans overwhelmingly praised Tom Aspinall’s humility after he conceded prime Daniel Cormier would pose major problems for him stylistically. Fight fans on social media applauded Aspinall’s honesty in making the admission.

Fight fans react to Tom Aspinall's admission about Daniel Cormier
Fight fans react to Tom Aspinall’s admission about Daniel Cormier (via BVM Sports)

Many respected Aspinall for acknowledging areas he needs to improve on rather than boasting he could defeat anyone. Fans saw his willingness to point out a bad matchup as the mark of a true student of the game. Here are some reactions from fight fans:

Aspinall earned praise from fight fans for his transparency and respect toward a fellow elite. Fans reacted positively to a top fighter demonstrating admirable humility in acknowledging his weaknesses. Aspinall’s frank comments underscored why he has emerged as a fan favorite despite his rapid rise.


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