“Didn’t really train at all,” Tom Aspinall reveals struggling with back Injury before illustrious KO win over Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295

Tom Aspinall discloses shocking injury details that prevented his training for short-notice Sergei Pavlovich title bout

“Didn’t really train at all,” Tom Aspinall reveals struggling with back Injury before illustrious KO win over Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295

Tom Aspinall reveals injury in lead-up to UFC 295 (Source: Twitter)

After Defeating Sergei Pavlovich, Tom Aspinall scored a career highlight at UFC 295. The British MMA star was thus crowned interim heavyweight champion. The British fighter had agreed to take on Pavlovich for the interim heavyweight title with just over two weeks’ notice. Aspinall’s gamble paid off as he went on to knock out Pavlovich in less than 69 seconds, scoring a spectacular victory.


Aspinall won the fight despite facing several challenges, including an injury and lacking a Visa. After the fight, he talked about how he managed to win despite his injury. In a post-fight interview with UFC analyst Laura Sanko, he said:

I pulled my back and didn't really train at all. I injured it on the first week after I found out about the fight [with Pavlovich]. I haven't been able to train for the last week and a half...I pulled my back and I didn't have any training camp... I didn't have a VISA. It has been the wildest two weeks ever. I always bet on myself. If I'm in there, even in the worst circumstances, I know I've got the power to knock anybody out...

Pavlovich on the other hand, was on standby for the scheduled Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic fight, giving him plenty of time to prepare for the bout. However, that bout was canceled when Jones sustained a torn pectoral muscle.

Following his UFC 295 victory, Aspinall delivered an inspirational message. He encouraged the crowd to take inspiration in the wake of his performance. He emphasized the challenges of facing Pavlovich, his opponent’s knockout skills, and what it took to overcome that.


Tom Aspinall admits he was intimidated by Sergei Pavlovich before UFC 295

Tom Aspinall achieved a remarkable feat by knocking out Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295 within the first round, despite it being a short-notice fight for him. He replaced Jon Jones, who withdrew due to an injury. The KO came at the 1:09-minute mark of the first round.

Tom Aspinall brutally knocked out Sergei Pavlovich at UFC 295
Tom Aspinall brutally knocked out Sergei Pavlovich (Source: Twitter)

However, in the post-fight interview, the fighter divulged on being intimidated at the prospect. He even recalls sitting in the changing room before the fight commenced, thinking that this was not the best of ideas.

Aspinall said that there were loads of doubts on his part, going into the fight. Speaking about Pavlovich, he said nothing about this was personal; to him, it is just a sport. Aspinall mentioned even thanking the opponent after defeating him.

Aspinall revealed that he remains ready to compete again on the same day of the fight when asked about his next venture. He said that he was reeling from the victory, and there were VISA issues to consider as well. Nevertheless, he remains ready for whatever comes next.


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