“That kid would never sign on dotted line” – Tony Ferguson bursts fan’s bubble of super fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 300

UFC veteran, Tony Ferguson, reveals that Irish superstar Conor McGregor would not face him in latest tweet on X.

“That kid would never sign on dotted line” – Tony Ferguson bursts fan’s bubble of super fight with Conor McGregor at UFC 300

Tony Ferguson vs Conor McGregor (Image via X / Imago)

UFC veteran Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor share an intense rivalry. The two UFC lightweights have never shared the octagon. Tony Ferguson recently revealed the status of a potential matchup with the Irish superstar. Here is what happened:

Ferguson revealed Conor McGregor has avoided to face him in the UFC octagon. He stated that McGregor would never sign the contract. Replying to a tweet on X, Ferguson wrote:

No Dice: That Kid Would Never Sign On The Dotted Line- Champ.
Tony Ferguson via X

Conor McGregor and Tony Ferguson’s rivalry stems from their shared time in the UFC lightweight division. McGregor and Ferguson never fought in the octagon despite being in the same weight class. Ferguson has actively challenged McGregor to a fight. Despite fans’ interest, various factors like McGregor’s focus on other opponents and callouts, prevented a matchup. Their rivalry has generated significant buzz in the MMA community. However, as of now, they are nowhere close to facing each other in the octagon.

Tony Ferguson did not win his last fight. His most recent recorded fight was against Paddy Pimblett at UFC 296. The fight went the distance, but Ferguson lost via decision. Meanwhile, Conor McGregor has been away from the octagon for years now. He is expected to make a comeback this year. However, no official announcement has yet been made.

Fans react to Tony Ferguson’s tweet on fighting Conor McGregor

Tony Ferguson’s reply about fighting Conor McGregor caught the attention of fans on X. Netizens went to the comment section to share their thoughts and opinions on the matter. Here are some of the reactions from X:

Tony Ferguson Conor McGregor
Tony Ferguson and Conor McGregor (Courtesy-Imago)

Expecting fans were disappointed by El Cucuy’s announcement on X. Many pointed out that they wanted the fighters to clash at UFC 300. Meanwhile, others pointed out that Tony Ferguson is nearing the end of his career. Tony Ferguson had maintained a legendary status in his UFC career. However, he has now consecutively lost seven fights in a row against the sport’s top contenders. It will be interesting to see if this highly anticipated matchup ever takes place.

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