Twitter melts down as ex-UFC fighter calls for public execution of teachers and doctors supporting child transition

Jake Shields gets publicly roasted for asking questions about the public execution of people who potentially push gender transition to kids.

Twitter melts down as ex-UFC fighter calls for public execution of teachers and doctors supporting child transition

Jake Shields (Image Courtesy: MMA Fighting)

Jake Shields yet again gets public heat for his recent controversial tweet including public execution. Shields is a former UFC fighter who now enjoys his time after retirement mostly being online on Twitter and sharing his views on social and political matters.

Most of Shields’ comments are often considered controversial as the fighter doesn’t filter his thoughts at all. In the past, Shields has faced a lot of criticism but this time things have gotten a little out of hand. 

Shields is well known for his transphobic comments and for opposing the political agenda of the transition of small kids. Recently, the fighter made a wild statement in which he mentioned that the people who help in child transition should be held accountable and to be executed publicly. 

In a tweet that got deleted by Twitter, he wrote: “Would you support public executions of Anyone who helps a child transition? This would include doctors, therapists, teachers, guidance counselors, etc.”  According to Shields, things are getting so extreme that in order to stop it, extreme measures should be taken. “Things are being pushed to such an extreme that the cure is likely going to be just as extreme,” wrote the retired MMA fighter.

While it’s evident that Shields was showing his frustration towards how things are happening considering the topic is very sensitive but his making a statement like that was uncalled for. 

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Twitter reacts to Jake Shields wanting to publicly execute people who are propagating gender transition among young kids 

Jake Shields challenging 10 transgender
Jake Shields (Image Courtesy: MMA Fighting)

As expected Jake Shield’s tweets blew up and attracted a lot of controversy. Even though it was a hypothetical question, many fans find it very extreme and not suitable. Users claimed that someone like Jake Shields with such a huge fan following should not be making such radical and hateful statements. 

Even though Twitter deleted the tweet claiming it violated the rules of the platform, Twitter users were astonished at how a former professional fighter could advocate public execution without facing any consequences.

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