“Mobile game looking better” – UFC 5 video game continues to face trashing from fight fans as ONE Championship mobile game’s clip goes viral

A recent X post claims ONE Championship mobile game outshines UFC 5, surprising many given UFC's traditionally higher standards.

“Mobile game looking better” – UFC 5 video game continues to face trashing from fight fans as ONE Championship mobile game’s clip goes viral

One Championship vs the UFC (Image via X/Art of War, UFC Panel 6)

A recent X post noted that the recently launched ONE Championship mobile game appears to have an edge over the UFC 5. The MMA community is buzzing about this latest combat sports game showdown as the gaming world continues its trend toward mobile platforms.


Both games aim to capture the adrenaline-pumping action of MMA. However, an X post by the handle, TheArtOfWar6 , suggested that ONE Championship’s mobile iteration boasts superiority over its UFC counterpart. This feedback is surprising to some, given the typically higher expectations and standards set for the UFC under CEO, Dana White. The post in mention had the caption, “ONE Championship mobile game looking better than UFC 5”.

ONE Championship and the UFC operate in the world of MMA promotion. However, they cater to different markets and employ different promotional strategies. Moreover, they are different in philosophy. UFC is a global powerhouse with a significant Western footprint spearheaded by Dana White. Led by Chatri Sityodtong, ONE Championship is a dominant force in Asia, with a unique approach to martial arts. Both promotions contribute significantly to the growth of MMA.

Even though the promotions are rivals, there has been some interaction between the two. The trade of Demetrious Johnson and Ben Askren was made possible with it. Johnson, who lost his title to Henry Cejudo, was traded to One Championship by Dana White and the UFC for Ben Askren, who was retired but still contractually obligated to the Asian promotion. Johnson would go on to win and defend the One Flyweight championship. Askren, on the other hand, could not replicate his success from Bellator and One Championship in the UFC.


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Fan Reactions Mixed as ONE Championship Mobile Game Faces Off Against UFC 5

There is a buzz surrounding the ONE Championship mobile game’s alleged superiority over UFC 5. The MMA and gaming communities are heavily divided. The comparisons between the two have sparked a range of opinions and spirited debates on X, formerly Twitter.

One Championship mobile game
One Championship mobile game (Image via: X/Art of War)

Some fans wholeheartedly agree with the praise directed towards the ONE Championship game. One fan echoed the sentiments of many who feel that the game offers a fresh and high-quality take on MMA gaming. Another added that the UFC game is a cheap production and their business model is based on milking the customers.

However, not everyone shares the opinion that One Championship Mobile Game is better. A number of fans came to the defense of UFC 5. They challenged the comparisons being made. One fan referenced that even the previous version of the UFC game is better than One’s. Another simply dismissed the claims of ONE Championship’s game superiority outright. See the fan reaction below.


It’s clear from the comments that the debate between the two games is far from settled. Only time will tell which one is better than the other. With avid gamers in both promotions, the time will come very soon.

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