The legendary tale of Giga Chikadze’s devastating ‘Giga Kick’

Hee is everything you need to know about Giga Chikadze Signature move the "Giga Kick". Hee is the full story.

Giga Chikadze
Giga Chikadze Giga Kick

Giga Chikadze is considered a major prospect to win the UFC featherweight title in the upcoming years. The Georgian has remained undefeated since he made his UFC debut in 2019 against Brandon Davis. After that, Chikadze has defeated six fighters in a row and throughout his journey has shown his impressive striking capabilities.

Chikadze started training karate when he was four and later at the age of 18 moved to the Netherlands to hone his kickboxing skills. Over the years, the fighter has developed an outstanding level of precision and speed through his training. Chikadze has a lot in his arsenal and can strike his opponents at every range with decisive power.

Ax kicks, spin kicks, body kicks, sidekicks, rolling over kicks, step knee, overhand right, etc are some of the most efficient and most used moves by the fighter. Other than having so many weapons the most important aspect of his fighting is the timing and way Chikadze mixes them all to deliver the maximum damage to his opponent in the octagon.

Giga Chikadze breaks down his signature ‘Giga Kick’

Giga Chikadze
Giga Chikadze “Giga Kick”

Whenever Chikadze has stepped into the Octagon he has put on a great show and entertained the MMA fans through his unique and bold fighting style. One of the most talked-about moves from the fighter is a body kick which is his signature move called the Giga kick.

The kick has been used by Chikadze many times and is absolutely brutal when landed perfectly. The kick is directed towards the liver of the opponent and has enough power to knock them down as it deals great damage. Chikadze has utilized his Giga kick against his opponents such as Jamey Simmons, Cub Swanson, and Edson Barboza. In the fight against Swanson, Chikadze connected his Giga kick instantly and it was enough to put his opponent down.

During an interview with UFC, Chikadze explained why he set up his Giga kick and what’s the idea behind it. According to the fighter, the effect of the kick is a little bit delayed and affects the fighter strongly. The damage done will disturb the whole game of the fighter who took it. “His energy, his cardio, his power is not gonna be the same as it was a minute ago,” said Chikadze about the effect of the kick. 

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