Major update on how differently WWE releases are being handled under Triple H than the Vince McMahon regime

A total of five names have been released by WWE.

Major update on how differently WWE releases are being handled under Triple H than the Vince McMahon regime

WWE releases [via- Cultaholic Wrestling]

This past Friday night, WWE released Jinder Mahal, Veer, Sanga, Xia Li, and Xyon Quinn from their contracts. Of course, it left a bad taste for the fans and fellow WWE talent as well. However, an update has emerged on what has gone different this time around with Triple H in-charge of things than how it used to be under Vince McMahon‘s regime.


According to PWInsider, those who were released were informed of the decision via calls that weren’t curt and were “more apologetic and respectful.” However, in past years, it used to be a bit more formal, with John Laurinaitis, the then-Head of Talent Relations, informing the departing names that they had been axed. There have been numerous instances of brusque firings in the past.

This time around, they seem more laid-back. Of the five names that were cut recently, Jinder Mahal and Xia Li were most raved about backstage. There was great sympathy for them, as evident by the posts made by fellow superstars on social media. For Jinder, a few talents noted how he used to get almost nothing from the creative team.

However, when given a chance to hold his own against Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson earlier this year, he nailed his side of the deal. As for Li, it was being said that she suffered on the main roster as she could never get that breakthrough courtesy of intermittent efforts under McMahon-backed creative. Sanga of The Indus Sher also expressed his resentment at WWE for underutilizing Indian talents. However, when it comes to seeking viewership on their platforms, the company reverts to India.


Actual reason behind recent WWE releases has now been revealed

For those wondering if budget cuts were the sole reason behind the latest wave of WWE releases, there’s more. Per Fightful Select, there were a lot of factors that contributed to the cause. It stemmed from a combination of their on-screen absence owing to lack of creative plans for the names who were let go.

Xia Li and Jinder Mahal
Xia Li and Jinder Mahal were released recently [via- WWE]

Moreover, it was also based on their upward trajectory, considering how long they’ve been with the company. As expected, the released wrestlers are subject to 90-day non-compete clauses. Drew McIntyre has also reacted to Jinder Mahal’s release.

The two were part of the three-way stable known as 3MB, which also included Heath Slater. It would be interesting to see where the axed names end up. AEW or TNA would be the obvious choices for that reason.

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