Uses and ways to obtain Minecraft Feathers!

The Minecraft Feathers are a great item to make ammo for Bows and Crossbows and also some other items for crafting!

Minecraft Feathers
Minecraft Feathers (image via.

Minecraft lets the players build everything from the scratch and this requires hunting, gathering and foraging. Here is how to get Minecraft Feathers, which might seem like a small and useless item, but have various important uses in crafting.

Crafting allows the players to create in the world of Minecraft. This may be something as small as a baked potato to something as great as a Beacon that fires its laser into the sky. These allow the players to defend themselves with weapon and armor and even improve their life with mechanical items.

Here is all about the Minecraft Feathers and their uses in the game.

Minecraft Feathers

Minecraft Feathers
Minecraft Feathers (image via. Sportskeeda)

Feathers are a mob drop exclusive that is dropped by Chickens and Parrots in Minecraft. They are the only bird-type mobs found in the game and the only two to drop feathers.

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Some other ways to find Feathers

Minecraft Feathers
Feathers (Image via. Reddit)

However, one of the lesser known ways of obtaining feathers is through Cats! Cats have a special ability to give players gifts in the morning after a night of sleep. This is only exclusive to tamed Cats in the game.

Moreover, Foxes also have a chance to spawn with a feather in its mouth which the players can kill and obtain the Feather as a drop.

Other than that, players can find them in Chests of Shipwrecks and Villages.

Uses for Feathers

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The main use for Minecraft Feathers is crafting. A variety of important items can be made with it, including Arrows, Book & Quill and Firework Stars. Arrows are an important item for use as a ammo in Bows and Arrows. Firework Stars are used to craft pretty firework explosions in the sky.

One of the lesser known things about Feathers is that it can be worn on the head. However, this can only be accomplished through commands and not through normal means in Survival mode.

Other than these, Expert Fletcher villagers will trade you 1 Emerald for 24 feathers.

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