Watch: Marshon Lattimore Spoons Up DeVonta Smith After Tackling Him

Watch: Marshon Lattimore Spoons Up DeVonta Smith After Tackling Him

In a high-scoring affair, the Philadelphia Eagles managed to secure a 40-29 victory, thanks to an exultant display from them in the first three quarters. Despite the New Orleans Saints rallying around in the final quarter of the game, the sting still fell short of the finishing line and the Eagles managed to secure a 5-6 win.

Jalen Hurts led the charge from the back with 147 yards of passing yardage and 13-of-24 passes even though he couldn’t throw an interception. Miles Sanders had 16 carries while he surged for 94 yards and was aptly supported by Hurts as he had 18 carries, running for 69 yards.


A glimpse at the little war between DeVonta Smith and Marshon Lattimore

DeVonta Smith

Dallas Goodbert led the chart for the wide-receivers with 5 catches and 62 yards while DeVonta Smith completed five receptions for 61 yards. Talking about DeVonta Smith, he was involved in another incident that saw him being scooped up by Saints defence, Marshon Lattimore like a kid. He first tackled Smith and then helped him up to his feet as one would interpret or maybe just tried to show him his place.

The world was split into two factions as one half saw that incident to be an act of sport while the other was extremely critical of it, quoting the fact that this was an effort from Lattimore to taunt DeVonta. According to them, a taunting penalty should have been followed. Lattimore was absolutely rollicking against Smith as he took him down multiple times and chipped in with a crucial tackle just on the line to throw him out of bounds.

The other half who was in support of the incident also quoted that the world is so busy in being a part of the cancel culture that they believe that every single act on the field must be followed by a taunting penalty, especially when the NFL has been converging their focus around taunting penalties in the ongoing year. With all said and done, the Eagles moved up to the second spot of the NFC East standings with their fifth victory of the ongoing edition.


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