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“We are aiming to win BGIS as well as bagging the slot in PMGC 2021”: GodLike Esports remains optimistic on team’s current performance|FirstSportz Exclusive

In an exclusive interview with us, GodLike Esports shared their views on the ongoing BGIS 2021, India's chances at Asian Games 2022 and more.

GodLike Esports BGMI roster

GodLike Esports is currently one of the most successful eSports organisations in the country as their COD Mobile, Free Fire and BGMI rosters are giving their top-notch performance lately and exceeding all expectations. In an exclusive interview with us, GodLike Esports owned by Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude shares their views on the present form of the BGMI roster, India getting a slot at PMGC 2021, and various other matters.

Formed in the year 2020, GodLike Esports has come a long way to establish itself as the leading eSports company in India. From partnering up with the world’s finest company, Nova Esports to making their own name in India, GodLike has done it all. It was with the arrival of Battlegrounds Mobile India that the organisation rose exponentially by roping in the aggressive roster of TSM Entity and at present, the roster is nearly unsurpassable when it comes to winning BGMI tournaments. We recently got connected with the BGMI roster of GodLike Esports where they have shared their optimistic opinions on miscellaneous issues.

Team GodLike

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Here is an extract from the interview with GodLike Esports:

GodLike: Champions of Skyesports BGMI Championship 3.0

Q. What are your views on BGIS?

GodLike Esports: All the players have very high expectations from BGIS. A lot of aspiring players have been waiting and polishing their skills to participate in and win in a major Indian tournament. It will be a massive hit and I believe the Finals will have good 5-6 Lakh players and esports enthusiasts tuning in.

Q. You had recently announced a huge bootcamp for GodLike. Will you like to give some details regarding the bootcamp?

GodLike Esports: The bootcamp will be the largest Esports facility in India till date. We will be improving it further by constantly adding facilities that any Esports team will require to nurture and further promote their talent.

Q. Are you planning for an academy roster in the future?

GodLike Esports: We are planning on acquiring an Academy roster and will be announcing the same once the bootcamp is ready.

Q. Where will India stand globally in Asian Games?

GodLike Esports: I firmly believe that Team India will dominate all the Esports titles they are participating in and bring home a plethora of gold medals.

Q. What are the plans for LAN tournaments in bootcamp?

GodLike Esports: We will not be having LAN tournaments per say but we will be having fun activities and LAN events by inviting underdog teams and other organizations

Q. What is your view on the current form of roster?

GodLike Esports: There are always ups and downs in any team’s journey. The team is currently fully dedicated to scrims and tournaments and are really motivated as India has received a slot in PMGC 2021 and we are aiming to win BGIS as well as bagging the slot in PMGC 2021.

Q. How did this collaboration help the team or either way?

GodLike Esports: My team, after arriving at the bootcamp is able to take away their minds from all the auxiliary concerns and give their all to the game. Our founder Chetan “Kronten” Chandgude has a beautiful vision for the Indian Esports scene. Being a content creator himself, he has had a keen interest in Esports and has never hesitated to show the same. I have experienced and seen his interest first hand since joining GodLike. He never hesitates and think twice about purchasing and providing any facility that his team requires to further pursue their goals.

Q. With your dominative performance at recent tournaments, do you wish to give any advice to the underdogs who are wishing to take up gaming as a career option?

GodLike Esports: There are quite a number of aspiring talents who are attracted to Esports across multiple games and have been grinding for the same. The advice I would like to give the aspiring players is to keep their passion for their game and polish on their individual skills, focus on strategies and take an aggressive approach initially in the game. Once you get an exposure to the esports scene, you learn a lot about the game and your competition. You just have to practice to maintain your game sense and the skills you have polished over time and do not miss any practice session.

Q. With the current form of the team, do you think GodLike deserves a slot at PMGC 2021?

GodLike Esports: In my opinion, on the basis of my team’s performance, GodLike deserves a slot in PMGC 2021. From the audience’s point of view, the game is relatively new and BGIS is the first official tournament and will decide who will be the champion of the game. There are both ways to secure the slot but if I would be really happy if we do get a slot.

Q. Views on India playing PUBG in Asian Games

GodLike Esports: We currently do not know the qualifying criteria for Asian Games. Hopefully, India has 2-3 slots. If any Indian team participates in the Asian Games I can confidently say that we will bag the Gold Medal.

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