“I’m the protégé”: Austin Theory reacts to Pat McAfee’s atrocious apology

Raw Superstar Austin Theory reacts to Smackdown commentator Pat McAfee’s apology to him.

pat mcafee
Theory and McAfee

Pat McAfee has been consistently rising up the ranks on the WWE roster. He had started out as a guest commentator for the company, way back in 2018, for the NXT TakeOver events. The former football punter and kickoff specialist went on to make his in-ring debut at NXT TakeOver XXX, against former WWE Superstar Adam Cole.

In 2021, the sports analyst and podcaster was signed on a commentator on Smackdown. This year, he accepted the offer to perform at Wrestlemania, which was given to him by none other than the WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon. A feud soon kicked off between Pat McAfee and McMahon’s protégé Austin Theory.

While Theory is part of the Raw roster, he appeared in a recent episode of Smackdown, and revealed himself as McAfee’s opponent. He managed to get into the Smackdown commentator’s head. McAfee couldn’t control himself and jumped over the announcer’s table to attack Theory, before being escorted out of the building.

The deeds of Pat McAfee didn’t go unnoticed. On the latest episode of Smackdown, he was called to Vince McMahon’s cabin and was asked to apologize to Theory. The Smackdown commentator soon came out to the ring and did apologize, but for all the wrong reasons! “I apologize…that you’re a punk b****” – mentioned McAfee. In a backstage segment, Theory was asked if he had expected such behavior from his Wrestlemania opponent.

“ABSOLUTELY…Austin Theory is in the head of the Punter. NFL Football player. Former. Remember that, former’s important. The commentator for Friday Night Smackdown. He thinks for some odd reason he’s gonna walk into Wrestlemania, on the grandest stage of them all and beat Austin Theory. I’m the protégé of the Chairman of WWE, Mr. McMahon. You see Pat had to apologize because he was out of line,” mentioned Theory.

Pat McAfee will be in action at Wrestlemania Sunday

pat mcafee
McAfee and Theory

There is no doubt, that WWE CEO and Chairman Vince McMahon is absolutely loving Pat McAfee’s work on WWE. In fact, he went on to appear on The Pat McAfee Show as well, which is very, very rare. If this wasn’t enough, McMahon himself went ahead and offered the Smackdown commentator a match at Wrestlemania.

Austin Theory and McAfee are scheduled to collide at Wrestlemania Sunday. Initially, there were rumors that Vince McMahon would be a part of the match as well, but that doesn’t seem to be the case, as of now. But there is a possibility that he might be involved in the outcome of the match in some capacity.

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