How Did Bianca Belair Get The EST Nickname?

We all know Bianca is known as the EST of WWE. But why? How did she get that nickname? Let's find out.

Bianca Belair fancies herself the EST of WWE since she is such a great competitor. Belair has spent her entire life as an amazing athlete, professing to be the strongest, fastest, toughest, and all-around best Superstar in the world.

She used to be a track and field athlete and now works for WWE as a professional wrestler. A year ago, she was considered as the next big thing in the women’s division and she went on to prove that as she won the 2021 Royal Rumble match and defeated Sasha Banks at Wrestlemania 37.

We all know Bianca is known as the EST of WWE. But why? How did she get that nickname? Let’s find out.

Why is Bianca Belair called the EST of WWE?

Bianca Belair
How Did Bianca Belair Get The EST Nickname? 2

Belair stated in an episode of WWE Chronicles that it wasn’t until she competed in the Mae Young Classic that she realised she was cut out for wrestling. Bianca Belair also explained the roots of her ‘EST’ moniker, revealing that it all started with her first-ever NXT promo. She also read the same words from the commercial.

“I’m going to get right to the point, here in NXT I’m bringing “est.” I’m the prettiEST woman on this roster, I’m the strongEST woman in this ring, and I’m on a whole other level.” That was my first promo. This is definitely the moment where I thought that I made it. I called my mom and I’m like, I got my very first promo three months in, like, I’m here. This is where EST came from because it started as “est.” It was just, I’m the est, I’m the est. I’m the prettiest and the strongest and the baddest and the roughest, oh, est, EST, NXT, it all rhymes. The EST of NXT, EST of WWE, so this is where the EST came from,” said Bianca Belair.

Bianca Belair has shown why she is the ‘EST’ of WWE, over the year as she added multiple feats to her career. Belair showed off her strength, agility, and stamina on the course, outdoing the Role Model at every obstacle.

Bianca won the Royal Rumble match last year. Can she repeat that again this year? We shall wait and watch as the Royal Rumble match airs on January 30th.

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