How many kids does WWE superstar Carmella have?

While a lot is known about the relationship between Carmella and Cory Graves, not much is known about their life as parents.

How many kids does WWE superstar Carmella have?

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WWE superstar Carmella is currently married to SmackDown and RAW announcer, Matt Polinsky aka Corey Graves. The two have been married since 2021 and have made their relationship public.

Before Carmella, Matt Polinsky was married to Amy Polinsky(Schneider). The two of them had 3 kids together, two daughters named Lola Polinsky and Lenny Paige and a son named Cash. Matt and Amy dated for years and got married in 2011. They later got divorced in 2020, and he has been with Carmella ever since.


Carmella, although she is not a biological mother, has been the stepmother to Matt’s three children since she tied the knot with the WWE announcer. The couple doesn’t have any children together. But The Princess of Staten Island announced that she got pregnant in March 2023 and is due in November. She broke the news about her pregnancy on Good Morning America.

Carmella has been through a lot of tragedies in the past couple of years. She suffered two miscarriages in her marriage with Corey Graves, with her most recent one being in September 2022. She had to undergo treatment for ectopic pregnancy. Despite her past tragedies, Carmella has been trying to remain positive about this pregnancy.

Despite not having any children together till now with Matt, Carmella has been enjoying life as a stepmother. “Being a step mom is sending Mean Girls gifs back and forth with your 8 year old all morning before she goes to school…. And I love it here,” Carmella tweeted once.


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How long has Carmella been away from the ring?

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The Princess of Staten Island has been away from the WWE ring for quite some time in recent years. She had suffered an injury in the Triple Threat match for the RAW Women’s Championship. However, there were other reasons as well, and it was a lot more personal.

Carmella suffered a miscarriage in September 2022. Following that, she underwent treatment for an ectopic pregnancy in October. She did return once, in March 2023, at a live event. But after finding out about her pregnancy, she took some time off. Her due date is in November, and fans wish her the very best.


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