Karrion Kross hints at Scarlett’s return

Former NXT Champion Karrion Kross hints at Scarlett’s WWE return.

karrion kross

Karrion Kross recently moved from NXT to the main roster. On Raw, Kross had been given a new ring attire, but one of the main issues that the fans had from his main roster run was the absence of his on-screen manager and real-life partner, Scarlett. For over an year, Scarlett had constantly appeared on Kross’ side, but hasn’t been seen on the main roster even once!

Scarlett Bordeaux (real name Elizabeth Chihaia) is also a professional wrestler, but has majorly appeared on-screen as a manager to the former WWE NXT Champion. In addition to being his on-screen manager, she also got engaged to Kross. The couple recently announced their engagement on social media.

Kross recently appeared on D-Von Dudley’s Table Talk podcast, where he discussed the absence of Scarlett from the WWE main roster. While he did not reveal much, Kross hinted that she will be back on WWE TV soon and is currently preoccupied with something.

“This is what I can say, without being deliberately cryptic, we’re waiting for something to finish taking its course. But she is very good and she’s been training like a maniac, like she always does. You can expect to see her any time or any place,” mentioned Kross.  

Karrion Kross was drafted to WWE Raw

karrion kross
Scarlett and Kross recently got engaged

On the WWE Draft 2021, Kross was drafted to Raw. Since appearing on the main roster, Kross has been a part of the Red brand. Interestingly, he appeared on Raw while he was the NXT Champion, and suffered his first loss on WWE at the hands of Jeff Hardy.

Since then, he lost his NXT Championship and is currently building himself as a dominant force once again. He is currently facing the mid-carders and isn’t part of an active storyline. But we can expect several changes, once the draft comes into effect after WWE Crown Jewel.

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