“Such a bada**”: Former Divas Champion reveals Brock Lesnar’s role backstage

Former Divas Champion Natalya reveals an interesting backstage detail about WWE Champion Brock Lesnar.

brock lesnar
Lesnar and Natalya

Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant Superstars on the WWE roster today. He made a thunderous return to the company in the final moments of Summerslam 2021, and kicked off a feud against Universal Champion Roman Reigns. But as things turned out to be, the Beast Incarnate went on to win the WWE Championship at Day 1.

Even both the Superstars on different brands, the feud continued between the two. The Tribal Chief interfered and costed Lesnar the title at Royal Rumble. But he managed to win the title back at the Elimination Chamber, eliminating every single of his opponents. Since then, a massive Champion vs Champion has shaped for the main event of Wrestlemania Sunday.

But the feud is not just about the two titles anymore. The battle got a lot more fiercer when Roman Reigns attacked the Beast Incarnate at the live event at Madison Square Garden. The segment ended with a bloodied Lesnar lying in the middle of the ring. The WWE Champion announced that “don’t draw first blood on Brock Lesnar” and now the Beast Incarnate is after the Tribal Chief’s blood.

While on screen Brock Lesnar is playing a role of a Superstar who is out for blood, seeking vengeance, behind the scenes, he is a helpful, polite man. Former Divas Champion Natalya recently appeared on the Sports Guys Talking Wrestling podcast, where she revealed how helpful the Beast Incarnate is.

“Brock watches all of our matches in Gorilla. The last match that I had on SmackDown, he watched and he critiqued and gave us feedback, gave us advice, told us what we could do better. He stayed there and watched, and it was so cool getting advice from him, he’s such a bada** but I really look up to him,” revealed Natalya.

Brock Lesnar will main-event Wrestlemania 38

brock lesnar
WWE Champion

At Royal Rumble, Brock Lesnar lost the WWE Championship to Bobby Lashley. But he redeemed himself on the same night by winning the Men’s Royal Rumble match. He announced that he will be going after the Universal Championship. But he wanted to enter the event as a Champion.

Lesnar went after the WWE Championship at Elimination Chamber and just dominated his way to the title. This will now be leading to one of the biggest Wrestlemania main events of all time. WWE Champion and the Universal Champion will collide in a Title Unification match in the main event of Wrestlemania Sunday.

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