Aiden English’s posts a tweet regarding the sale of in-ring gear he wore during the Rusev Day storyline

Current Impact Wrestling commentator Aiden English has decided to sell his ring gear which he wore in the rusev day storyline.

Aiden English
Aiden English
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Aiden English had been one of the most commonly seen wrestlers on WWE during 2018 and 2019. Aiden debuted in WWE in 2014 and he did not debut as a solo superstar he debuted as a tag team in which he was teamed up with Simon Gotch the team was not too good in the ring and was an average superstar. The team was called The Vaudevillains and was presented as an old gimmicky team.

Their gimmick was that they were one of the people who love the vaudeville era and they give throwbacks to that era. Aiden later was broken from the tag team as his partner was released Aiden did not make himself a part of any storyline for some time but then was given the best storyline of his whole career. He was given the role of the manager and tag team partner of Rusev.

Rusev was running the whole WWE audience chants at that time thanks to Aiden. Aiden English introduced the gimmick of him and Rusev where every single day will be called Rusev Day and everybody will chant Rusev Day whenever they come back. The gimmick was so good that everyone chanted Rusev Day even in the boring segments of the show

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The Downfall of Aiden English

Aiden English
Aiden English during Rusev day storyline

Aiden English was on the top of charts but soon went even more down the card when he turned on Rusev. Currently, he is released from the company and was not able to find a company to wrestle for. Due to the financial crisis, he even announced that he is going to sell all the Rusev Day merchandise and ring gear he have to earn something.

He is currently a simple commentator on Impact Wrestling and posted a tweet saying he will be going to sell these too where he is showing a pair of jeans on which Rusev is written. He informed that if anyone wants to purchase all these from him then they freely can dm him for it and there he will decide the price according to the demand the fans are going to make for the WWE merchandise.

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