WATCH: Riddle RUNS IN to save Dolph Ziggler, engages in a post-match fight with Seth Rollins at a live event 

Seth Rollins had defeated Dolph Ziggler at a live event but continued to decimate him after the match before Riddle made the save.

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Riddle, who is about to make an appearance at RAW tonight to discuss his future plans in the company in an exclusive interview made an appearance at a recent WWE live event held at Atlantic City. Seth Rollins was facing Dolph Ziggler in a one-on-one match at the live event on Sunday. While Rollins managed to defeat Ziggler in a visual spectacle, The Visionary continued to humiliate Ziggler even after the match as he started unloading punches on the showstopper.

But the attack was cut short by an unexpected interference from Riddle as he rushed towards the ring before unloading vicious strikes on Rollins which would force him to leave the ring. The Original Bro and Rollins are engaged in a heated rivalry that is still waiting for its final chapter of showdown between both technicians. The two were scheduled to face each other at SummerSlam but the match was pulled off due to Riddle’s injury.

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Riddle will make an appearance Monday Night RAW to comment on his future in the company

Riddle will return to Monday Night Raw for an exclusive interview to discuss his future plans.

Nevertheless, an unfair Riddle would make it to the POV before being curb stomped by Rollins in the middle of the ring. Reportedly, the two stars had a huge real-life heat on each other due to their wives and had vowed to never work with each other in the ring. But after then both had their equations sorted but WWE found a great way of using their personal heat to boil the current rivalry.

Riddle will make his next appearance on today’s Monday Night Raw but now it needs to be seen what announcement he has to make. While Riddle’s appearances at live events can be a great consideration for the fact that he is recovered and is ready to get his hands down on The Visionary Seth Rollins, it would be interesting to say what The Original Bro would announce at his return to Monday Night Raw.

Many people suggest that it could be a character change for The Bro character and Riddle could be seen in a whole new different persona. Some people are also confident of the fact that the two will square off against each other at The Clash at The Castle event which is scheduled to be held in September.

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