WATCH: Seth Rollins and WWE referee’s hilarious interaction at a recent live event has the Twitter users rolling on the floor

Seth Rollins was competing in a match against Dolph Ziggler at a live event but the highlight of the match became his hilarious interaction with the referee.

Seth Roliins
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Seth Rollins is one of the top heels in WWE today. The Raw superstar is currently feuding with his all-time archrival Riddle. Both the superstars have had a heated rivalry till now as the scheduled match between the two at Summerslam didn’t take place because of Riddle’s shoulder injury. Nevertheless, Riddle would still show up on the PPV, and then an infuriated Rollins would march towards the ring to decimate Riddle before curb stomping him to the mat in the middle of the ring.

Rollins as a heel has been doing exceptional work as his character work and in-ring persona signifies what he wants to convey. This includes mocking fans, beating up wrestlers who are portraying babyface, and bullying and intimidating officials as well. But Rollins learned the lesson the hard way when he tried to mock an official on a WWE live event in Atlantic City.

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Referee’s hilarious reaction to Seth Rollins’ bullying at live event has the fans rolling

Seth Rollins
Seth Rollins had tried to bully the referee, but it seems like he was having none of it.

Rollins was facing Dolph Ziggler at the event, where the Visionary managed to defeat Ziggler but a hilarious spot in the match caught the attention of fans at the stadium and later on had the whole Twitter talking about the incident. In the middle of his match with Ziggler, Rollins tried to bully the referee by cornering him to the turnbuckle, but it seems like the referee wasn’t taking any of this as he then would hilariously react to Rollins’ bullying as he tried to overpower Rollins by shouting on him and trying to prove that he is the one of who calls the match.

He kept pushing Rollins backward as he tried to assert his authority and at last would throw his hands up in the air to get a huge pop from the audience present at the arena. Several people present in the audience recorded the moment and posted it on Twitter and the wrestling fans can’t keep their calm as they all had a great time watching the clip. Rollins is currently feuding with Riddle and is scheduled to face him at The Clash at the Castle premium live event scheduled to be held in September. While Riddle is all set to make an appearance on Raw tomorrow it’ll be interesting to see what goes down between the two.

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