WWE Survivor Series 2021: Real life heat could lead to a massive on-screen feud

WWE Survivor Series could use the real-life heat between Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch to build up to a match.

wwe survivor series
WWE Women's Title exchange segment

WWE Survivor Series is one of the Big Four WWE events of the year. The event is considered to be a fan-favorite because it is the only PPV where the two main roster brands of the company collide against each other for brand supremacy. With WWE Crown Jewel officially in the cards, the focus now shifts to Survivor Series.

This is the second-longest running PPV in the history of the company. The event is headlined by Tag Team elimination matches – where Team Raw and Team Smackdown battle for supremacy. This is not all – the Champions from both the brands collide as well. While we are yet to witness the beginning of the feuds, but it seems like that a real – life rivalry between two Champions might lead to an amazing on-screen feud.

On the latest episode of WWE Smackdown, Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair were part of an awkward title exchange segment. It was later revealed that there was some real heat between the 2 Champions, regarding how the segment should play out. In fact, the two are even reported to have a heated exchange backstage.

The entire real life heat between the two Superstars has portrayed Charlotte Flair as a real-life villain. This could prompt WWE to put the title on some other Superstar. Bit on the other hand, it even gives them an opportunity to build on this heat which leads to a match at Survivor Series.

WWE Survivor Series has potential to become biggest event of the year

Becky Lynch and Charlotte Flair segment on Smackdown saw unplanned title throw - Reports
Becky Lynch throwing the Smackdown Women’s title on Charlotte Flair

With the conclusion of WWE Crown Jewel 2021, the Draft has now come into effect. This WWE Draft was quite refreshing considering it has bought some significant balance between the two brands. Earlier the Smackdown brand was much power packed than their Red counterpart. With the brands now balanced, we can get some amazing Tag Team elimination matches for the event.

In addition to these, the Champion vs Champion matches could also deliver some marquee matches. Charlotte Flair vs Becky Lynch could be massive considering how WWE build it up. Roman Reigns vs Big E could take away match of the year considering the biggest Heel and biggest Face will be colliding.

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