“I kinda want to matchup with this guy and see where I’m at”- When AJ Styles expressed his desire to work a celebrity match against Mark Wahlberg

The Phenomenal AJ Styles once revealed his wish to work a celebrity match against Mark Wahlberg

AJ Styles on facing Mark Wahlberg
AJ Styles in a match against Mark Wahlberg would be crazy

AJ Styles is one of the most accomplished professional wrestlers around this industry having been competed all around from the indies to TNA and from NJPW to the WWE. Styles made his WWE debut back in 2016 at the Royal Rumble event entering at no. 2 as a surprise entrant in the match. Today, he’s a 2-time World Champion, 3-time United States Champion in addition to being a one time Intercontinental Champion and Raw Tag Team Champion.

Although Styles have had multiple great opponents trying to tackle his movesets over the years, he once revealed that he would love to have a celebrity match against Hollywood megastar Mark Wahlberg if possible someday.

In an interview with 105.3 The Fan Dallas/Ft. Worth he talked about the wild possibility of seeing The Rock and Vin Diesel competing inside of a ring taking shot at their personal beef they had after Fast and Furious 8. He then further named his dream celebrity opponent that he would like to face as Mark Wahlberg.

Maybe… since we’re talking about actors, can we bring in Mark Wahlberg? I kinda want to matchup with this guy and see where I’m at,” Styles said. “I don’t know, that’s what I want to find out… I don’t know man, Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch was a pretty big deal back in the day, I was a fan.”

Although to this day, we haven’t seen thing become a reality but you just never know and with the growing trend of Hollywood icons having some prominent matches in recent years in WWE, we can never rule out a possibility of seeing Styles vs. Wahlberg too.

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AJ Styles is WWE bound for next few years

AJ Styles on facing Mark Wahlberg
AJ Styles is a former 2-time WWE champion

Earlier this year AJ Styles signed a new multi-year agreement with WWE but with a much bigger paybag this time around than his previous ones. The deal is believed to be for either 3 or 5 years which will probably mean that Styles would retire from pro-wrestling only with WWE itself.

So far 2022 haven’t gone well for The Phenomenal One as he suffered multiple losses on major events this year. Also, his much paraphrased dream fued against WWE Hall of Famer Edge also didn’t delivered as almost everyone expected from these two legends of the industry. He recently lost his chance to compete in the men’s Money in the Bank ladder match following when he was defeated by Seth Rollins in a Qualifying match few weeks back on Raw.

WWE definitely needs to rejuvenate the 2017-18 version of AJ Styles where he was like the face of WWE and his WWE Championship run on Smackdown live was counted as one of the best in history. His catchphrase of “Smackdown is the house that AJ Styles built” was the heavy feature of his programming and it was stuck to the tongue of every fan admiring Styles as a wrestler.

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