Former Women’s Champion teases WWE return soon after pregnancy hiatus

Alexa Bliss last wrestled Bianca Belair at the Royal Rumble 2023.

Former Women’s Champion teases WWE return soon after pregnancy hiatus

Former Women's Champion (via WWE and Last Word on Sports)

Alexa Bliss wrestled her last match yet at the Royal Rumble PLE last year. Since then, Little Miss Bliss has been on maternity leave. During her time away from the Stamford-based company, she has continuously updated her fans through social media. Recently, the former Women’s Champion took to X to tease returning to action after more than a year.


The Five Feet of Fury has seemingly cleared the air regarding her return to the WWE. On her X account, the Ohio native teased regaining her fitness and focusing back on getting track after her pregnancy. Moreover, Alexa Bliss is looking to get back in shape before making her big return to WWE.

The Wicked Witch of WWE also took to X to react to WWE’s announcement regarding the late Bray Wyatt. WWE will be airing Bray Wyatt: Becoming Immortal to honor the legacy of The Eater of Worlds. Bliss expressed her grief as she stated that she missed her former twisted partner. It can be concluded that upon return, Bliss might drop her last run’s storyline, where she almost realigned with him.

The Harley Quinn of WWE had multiple runs with WWE. Her last run was somewhat less interesting. The 2-time SmackDown Women’s Champion could not connect well with the WWE Universe. Uncle Howdy continuously played mind games with her, which somehow affected her momentum. For instance, Bliss walked to her last match, the crowd barely responded to her. Needless to say, fans hope that the 32-year-old returns with a bang once she’s fit to compete inside the ring.


Alexa Bliss reacts to fans accusing her of breaking character during her match with Iyo Sky

During her last run with WWE, the 32-year-old Superstar feuded with Damage CTRL for a significant amount of her run. She teamed up with Bianca Belair and Asuka to stop the Bayley-led group. Recently, Lexi reacted to a fan clip that accused the former Ms. Money In The Bank of attacking Iyo Sky for real.

Alexa Bliss and Iyo Sky
Alexa Bliss vs. Iyo Sky (via WWE)

In the clip, the Genius of Sky could be seen kicking Bliss and pulling her hair. This enraged the three-time Raw Women’s Champion, who proceeded to punch Iyo’s stomach. The fan wrote how Alexa got upset and actually started attacking the current Women’s Champion. Bliss ridiculously denied the accusation and debunked the claims.

With Little Miss Bliss potentially returning, it will be interesting to see which path she takes upon her return this time. However, multiple wrestling observers and analysts criticized WWE for poorly booking her last return. It happened in May 2022 when Raw Superstar Sonya Deville was terminated as a WWE official and wrestled the returning Bliss in an impromptu match.

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