Bayley finally breaks silence after Asuka shockingly turned heel and joined Damage CTRL on SmackDown

Bayley has finally broken her silence on the unforeseen heel turn of Asuka on the recent episode of SmackDown.

Bayley finally breaks silence after Asuka shockingly turned heel and joined Damage CTRL on SmackDown

Damage CTRL and Asuka (via X)

The latest edition of SmackDown witnessed some of the most unexpected twists and turns, much to the shock of the WWE Universe. Former Women’s Champion Asuka turned her back on her tag team partners, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair, to join forces with Damage CTRL. In a recent social media post, Bayley addressed the former’s newfound alliance with the heel stable.

Taking to her X, The Role Model has reacted to the unexpected heel turn of Asuka. She uploaded two images of Damage CTRL alongside Asuka. The first picture is a group photograph of them posing together in the backstage area. In the second image, the villainous stable was seen raising their hands in unison before the WWE Universe.

The recent episode of SmackDown saw Asuka join hands with the EST and the Queen. The babyface trio teamed up to take on the notorious faction, Damage CTRL, in a six-woman tag team action. The main event clash was going well at first, but soon after, an unforeseen betrayal befell Belair in the form of The Empress of Tomorrow.

Bayley on X

In the dying moments of the match, Belair was floundering to tag her partner. However, Asuka shockingly refused to accept a tag and misted on Belair’s face. The 42-year-old made her intentions clear and ecstatically reunited with her long-time best friend and recently returned superstar, Kairi Sane.

Initially, Bayley seemed startled by Asuka’s heel turn. A few moments later, she welcomed the latter to Damage CTRL, reinstating an even stronger version of the villainous faction. The main event segment is likely the groundwork, heading towards a babyface vs. heel Women’s WarGames at Survivor Series.

Asuka sends a tacit message to the WWE Universe after joining forces with Bayley’s Damage CTRL

Asuka caught the WWE Universe off guard this past weekend by betraying her tag team partners, Bianca Belair and Charlotte Flair. Their team faced off against the newly rejuvenated Damage CTRL in a thrilling main event collision. The Empress of Tomorrow has sent a cryptic message on social media after turning her back on her tag team partners.

Asuka, Iyo Sky, Bayley, Dakota Kai and Kairi Sane
Asuka and Damage CTRL on the latest edition of SmackDown (via WWE)

Following her shocking heel turn, Asuka took to X and shared an image of her simply hugging Kairi Sane. This was after the former spat blue mist on Belair and delightedly embraced her former tag team partner. During Sane’s initial stint on the main roster, she was paired with Asuka in a tag team called “Kabuki Warriors.” They are the longest-reigning Women’s Tag Team Champions to date.

WWE has sown the seeds for a potential Women’s WarGames match between the babyface team led by Belair and the newly reinvigorated Damage CTRL. So far, the babyface team consists of Bianca Belair, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi. A recent report hints at the possible addition of Becky Lynch to the WarGames match.

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