“It was awesome – it was so entertaining”- When Becky Lynch praised a ‘Pandemic-Driven’ Wrestlemania match

Becky Lynch had big props for the historic Boneyard Match at Wrestlemania 36 which happened between The Undertaker and AJ Styles

Becky Lynch praised Taker vs. Styles
Becky Lynch and The Undertaker

How many times have people gathered in their appreciation for Big Time Becks Becky Lynch? The answer is thought finite but the praise for her remains infinite all the time. Becky has almost reached that level of stardom and wrestler in her career that she’s already become a role model for many who wish to come in this business someday in future. But there was a time when Becky Lynch got super impressed by one of the recent Wrestlemania matches that took amidst of completely different circumstances of the lockdown and zero attendance in the arenas.

The match being talked about is The Boneyard match which took place on Night 1 of Wrestlemania 36 between The Undertaker and AJ Styles. This match was a pure definition of creativity and spectacularly flawless production input. The match was shot in a specified area in Orlando which took almost 8 hours to get captured completely by the cameras due to numerous retakes and rehearsals to plug in perfection when it airs on TV.

This was a fantastic rash fight between Taker and Styles with some cool looking spots incorporated throughout. The match got ended when The Undertaker dug some soil out of the ground and buried AJ Styles inside that using a tractor which ultimately led Taker to take the win and left the yard with his American Bada*s motorbike.

When asked about this match by The Mirror, Becky Lynch showered her praise for the same and said that it was awesome.

Absolutely. This time (during a pandemic) is a whole new opportunity for us to reimagine wrestling. To think of different ways for how we can do this and to be more creative. That’s what that match did. It proved its value. It was awesome – it was so entertaining”.

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Becky Lynch could become this year’s Miss Money in the Bank

Becky Lynch praised Taker vs. Styles
Becky Lynch as Miss. MITB would be perfect

We are less than a week away from Money in the Bank and the card has almost taken it’s shape with both of the prominent ladder matches all set to implode come this Saturday in Las Vegas at the MGM Garden Grand Arena.

This past Monday on Raw, Becky found herself in a Last-chance qualifying match for a spot in the women’s MITB ladder match where she faced five other competitors in a 6 women elimination match. Becky last pinned Doudrop following a middle-rope Manhandle Slam to punch her ticket for Las Vegas.

The field is now set with Becky Lynch, Liv Morgan, Alexa Bliss, Asuka, Lacey Evans, Raquel Rodriguez and Shotzi all being the part of the ladder match to guarantee themselves a contract which would allow them to cash-in on the champion of their choosing anytime and at any place. Coming back on Becky, we have seen that WWE has been portraying her as a sore loser since her Wrestlemania loss this year.

Finally she got a huge win this Monday after she qualified for the Ladder match, but it would definitely not be a surprise if she manages to win the MITB contract as well cause her current character is a perfect suit for that and going by the theory that Becky Lynch is featured on this year’s Money in the Bank official poster, herself winning the thing makes the perfect sense.

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