WATCH: Becky Lynch works out in the gym despite the injury

Former Raw and Smackdown Women's Champion Becky Lynch just got injured in her match against Bianca Belair at Summerslam but she still works out.

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch gives her injury speech on Raw after Summerslam.
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Becky Lynch recently turned face at Summerslam after her epic match with Bianca Belair. The match was a banger as it provided the best start to this year’s Summerslam any match could not have provided. After the match, Becky even hugged Bianca making her face again and ending Big time Beck’s persona and returning with The Man persona.

After the match, we also witnessed the long-awaited return of Bayley who came back with a small faction of her named Control. The faction consists of Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky (formerly known as Io Shirai) after this return we saw that Becky was not able to move her right shoulder and most probably she have injured her right shoulder. Later it was confirmed that yes she did injure it after taking a glam slam in the match.

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Becky Lynch will be out of action for 4-5 months

Becky Lynch
Becky Lynch is not going to return before at least six months.

Recently a video came out of Becky Lynch where she was doing a workout in a gym while having a plaster on her right arm which made everybody question why she is doing this and why not taking rest so she can heel fast and make a comeback in the ring as soon as possible.

Becky responds to all her fans and made this message to everybody that life is all about hustling and she wants to prove that setbacks come but that does not mean you can stop hustling in life if you don’t grind then life will move on without you. Becky had suffered the injury of shoulder dislocation still it does not stop her to be in shape.

Becky Lynch will be out of action for almost 4 to 5 months and will be returning after that we can see Becky take on the returning Bayley and her faction with the current Raw Women’s Champion Bianca Belair, there will be a fantastic two-on-three match and it will contain too much talent in the ring at the same time.

Becky is also a working mother so this injury is going to help her take care of her baby more and give them more time as a working mother is one of the difficult things a woman can do after delivering that same baby as the pain of delivering a baby is almost breaking 20 bones.

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