“He could beat anybody”- WWE Hall of Famer Booker T shares his thoughts on Theory’s ability to cash in MITB contract

WWE Hall of Famer Booker T weighs in on Theory's ability to cash in on his MITB deal.

Booker T and Theory
Booker T and Theory
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Theory has been on the roll since his WWE debut, He is said to be the next big thing in WWE. He has a natural Charisma that gravitates people, especially teenagers towards him. He has timely shown that he has the potential to be a World Champion one day. He reminds us of the Ravishing Rick Rude who had a similar persona, with a bodybuilding physique during the 80s and has won the NPC Georgia Bodybuilding Championship, Teen Men category when he was 17

Theory had got the opportunity for the WWE Championship last year against Big E, when he took Cleopatra’s Egg from Mr. McMahon but lost the bout. He participated in this year’s Elimination Chamber and was the last one to be eliminated by Brock Lesnar. He is known as Vince McMahon’s “Prodigy” and was even accompanied by him during his bout against Pat McAfee this year at WrestleMania 38. He was defeated by McAfee at the Flagship event.

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Theory lost the United States Championship to Bobby Lashley

Theory wins the MITB contract
Theory wins the MITB contract

Theory won the United Sates Championship on April 18 edition of RAW by defeating Finn Balor, He is also the youngest United States Champion in the history of WWE. He even defended his title against Cody Rhodes on May 9th edition of RAW. Following that he again defended it at the Hell in a Cell against Mustafa Ali. Thereafter Bobby Lashley challenged him for the Championship at the Money in the Bank Live event, where he was defeated and Lashley became the Us Champion for the 3rd time in his career.

The same night WWE official Adam Pearce announced that Theory would be the 8th participant in the MITB Ladder match, He utilized the most from this opportunity and won the Money in the Bank contract by pushing Riddle off the Ladder.

Booker T appeared on the Hall of Fame podcast recently and discussed Theory’s ability to cash in on the contract. Booker stated that if the scenario is perfect, Theory could beat anyone, even Roman Reigns, and that if a guy is unconscious, he will undoubtedly lose the Championship. Theory, according to Booker T, is not one of those men who would lose after cashing in the contract.

“He could beat Roman [Reigns], he could beat anybody on the card if the situation is right,” Booker T said on “The Hall of Fame” podcast. “I mean, if a person is unconscious when I cash-in, who loses? Exactly, so you just go to know — if you book it properly, Theory, he’s not going to be one of the guys who got the briefcase and didn’t cash it in and win it. I just don’t see that happening. This kid got way too much upside for something like that to happen.”

Theory confronted Lashley on the latest edition of RAW and said that the United States Championship match would be rescheduled for SummerSlam, the match has been confirmed by WWE, and Lashley’s Championship would be at stake.

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