Bray Wyatt’s fiancé pens a gut-wrenching note on social media revealing their wedding day had he not died

JoJo Offerman has revealed the date, which was set to be a red-letter day in her life.

Bray Wyatt’s fiancé pens a gut-wrenching note on social media revealing their wedding day had he not died

Bray Wyatt and JoJo [via- NY Post on X]

This year, on August 24, Bray Wyatt left this world for good. His unexpected demise shocked his family and the WWE Universe. It’s been over three months since Windham passed away, and the loss is irreparable. Spare a thought for his partner, JoJo Offerman, who was Wyatt’s soon-to-be wife.

Taking to her Instagram, JoJo revealed that she was going to tie the knot with Bray Wyatt on December 6, i.e., today, had Windham not died. She further wrote how much she and her two children miss their late father. JoJo and Wyatt got engaged in April last year.


Wyatt’s death came at a time when almost everyone was expecting him to return to WWE. After bearing the pain of an undisclosed medical issue, Bray was recovering well. Few reports even proceeded to say that he had his creative plans ready to be implemented. WWE management displayed utmost patience, and didn’t feel the need to rush his comeback.

However, one gloomy afternoon, WWE CCO Triple H publicly announced that The Eater of Worlds was no more. Before disappearing from television in February of this year, Wyatt was set to feud with Bobby Lashley. The two were expected to collide at this year’s WrestleMania.

Unfortunately, Wyatt passed away while asleep. He wasn’t wearing his doctor-recommended defibrillator. To honor his legacy, WWE held a tribute show where they did a traditional 10-bell salute. Multiple superstars wore Bray’s armband to express their sorrow for the deceased soul.


WWE has decided to honor Bray Wyatt’s legacy

The impact Bray Wyatt had on his fanbase was unfathomable. To this day, fans in the arenas could be seen dressed up as The Fiend and carrying the lanterns. Moreover, WWE has taken further steps to ensure that the former Wyatt Family leader remains in everyone’s hearts.

Bray Wyatt
Bray Wyatt [via- WWE]

Having said that, the promotion has introduced a dedicated section of Wyatt’s commemorative merchandise on the WWE Shop. Bray Wyatt had his final in-ring appearance on the February 17 edition of SmackDown. He stood alongside Uncle Howdy, who in turn was his real-life brother, Bo Dallas.

They took out Hit Row in the process. As it stands, Wyatt had his brother with himself in what many dubbed the full circle end for the former WWE Champion. Since Bray’s demise, WWE has not featured Uncle Howdy on their programming.


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