“Busted my nose open,” Female SmackDown star suffers another freak accident just weeks after a previous head injury 

WWE Universe gets sad as they learn about the recent injury suffered by Kayla Braxton.

“Busted my nose open,” Female SmackDown star suffers another freak accident just weeks after a previous head injury 

WWE Female Superstar (via Fightful)

WWE is filled with talent ranging from in-ring performers to interviewing and talk-show experts. Kayla Braxton is one such name who is deeply adored by the WWE Universe. Unfortunately, she has been on the receiving end of another freak accident resulting in an injured nose.

Moreover, the backstage star had just suffered a head injury a few weeks ago. It seems that Braxton is prone to accidents. As mentioned in her post, the injury occurred when she was feeling unwell and had to rush to the washroom to throw up. Incredulously, the toilet seat fell on her and busted her nose, causing it to bleed.


Additionally, she also mentioned the cause of her previous injury. It happened after she tripped over her shoe and hit the bedroom door headfirst. As fans are well aware, Braxton kept her fun side alive as she lightened the topic by posting a funny GIF from Family Guy where Peter Griffin can be seen falling off the stairs.

Time will tell if Kayla is really going to go for a personal caretaker or whether it was simply one of her jokes. Fans know Kayla for her backstage banters in SmackDown. They usually happen with the wise man, Paul Heyman. With this latest injury, fans might feel the absence of one of their favorite backstage star for a few more weeks.

Kayla Braxton looking for a new project with a WWE Wrestler

Kayla Braxton is one of the most entertaining people backstage in WWE. She has recently teased to be working on a new project with WWE Veteran star, R-Truth! Braxton revealed on ‘X’ how they’ve been spitballing ideas and can even bring back the duo of ‘Talking Smack’.


As can be seen in the post, it contains a GIF of R-Truth chewing gum with his iconic curious glances. It remains unknown whether this upcoming project will be a part of WWE’s initiative or will remain something exclusive to both of these stars.

Kayla Braxton and R-Truth
Kayla Braxton and R-Truth (via WWE)

R-Truth had remained absent for a significant time from WWE television. He made his surprise return on WWE Survivor Series 2023. Since then, he has been a part of several funny segments and even made his appearance at the ringside. It was during the tag team match between JD McDonagh and Dominik Mysterio against the Creed Brothers.

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