WATCH: Football haven turns into a WWE arena as Brentford bestows Undertaker-themed intro on Ivan Toney

The returning Ivan Toney was given The Phenom's battle hymn to ply his trade against Nottingham Forest.

WATCH: Football haven turns into a WWE arena as Brentford bestows Undertaker-themed intro on Ivan Toney

The Undertaker's theme played at Football game [via- george on X]

Star striker Ivan Toney‘s Premier League return on Saturday brought a whole lot of traction. After serving an 8-month ban, the English forward spearheaded Brentford F.C. in their home-leg clash against Nottingham Forest. However, before things got underway, the GTech Community Stadium turned into a WWE arena as Ivan Toney’s homecoming saw him getting introduced to The Undertaker‘s iconic theme song.


The fans in attendance were spellbound by what they witnessed. The packed football haven in Brentford welcomed their skipper with a loud ovation. In the match, the visiting side of Nottingham Forest stole an early march over The Bees as they opened scoring in the 3rd minute. However, Toney came back with an equalizer just before the clash hit 20 on the clock. At the end, Brentford did manage to pip their counterparts by 3-2.

With that victory, Brentford finally put an end to their losing streak and are currently 14th in the updated Premier League standings. It appears like Ivan Toney’s return made The Bees turn a new leaf. As much as it was a delight for the home fans, they were certainly moved by that Undertaker-draped entrance for the Brentford forward.

It’s also a testament to The Deadman’s pervasive fandom ever after he has hung his boots for good. Not only for Taker, a WWE theme playing in a football tryst speaks volumes about their booming business. After being held back for years by Vince McMahon‘s idiosyncrasy, the sports entertainment juggernaut is once again going mainstream, thanks to its CEO, Nick Khan.


The Undertaker will be in town for the Royal Rumble

It’s been over 3 years since it struck midnight on The Undertaker’s in-ring career. However, to this date, The Phenom is idolized across the industry, and his indelible mark is one for the ages. As the fans know, the Hall of Famer is currently under a legends contract with WWE.

The Undertaker
The Undertaker (via- Wrestling Inc)

Moreover, he’s been successfully conducting his “One DeadMan Show” around the globe. That leaves him flying to Tampa this weekend, a day after the Royal Rumble. Most likely, The Undertaker will be backstage for the PLE as well. However, it remains to be seen whether the company makes him appear on screen or not.

The fans in attendance would definitely want that to happen, even if it’s a one-off thing. However, it doesn’t seem like Taker would ever return for another match. That ship has sailed, and he had his last WWE match against AJ Styles at WrestleMania 36.

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