“This isn’t a negative post,” Former WWE Tag Team Champion THANKS the company for releasing him 3 years ago

One of the prominent stars of AEW's Tag Team Division recounted an old WWE tweet and expressed his gratitude towards his former promotion.

“This isn’t a negative post,” Former WWE Tag Team Champion THANKS the company for releasing him 3 years ago

Cash Wheeler and Dax Hardwood (via Instagram)

Dash Wilder and Scott Dawson, known as the FTR, have been the main pillars of AEW for the last few years. The Tag Team began their journey in WWE with the name The Revival. However, failing to harness their full potential, the company released them back in 2020 under Vince McMahon. Dash Wilder took to Twitter to express his gratitude towards WWE for the time he spent in the industry.

When it comes to tag teams, the Revival was one of the most prominent tag teams in WWE. They dominated the roster, becoming the Raw and SmackDown Tag Team Champions. However, WWE released The Revival on April 2020, upon their request, under the Vince McMahon regime. Following their departure, they went to AEW and achieved unfathomable success there.

The Revival and Randy Orton

April 10, 2023, marks exactly three years since the Revival’s release from WWE. In a recent gesture, Dash Wilder, a.k.a. Cash Wheeler, retweeted WWE’s three-year-old tweet about their release. The 35-year-old said that he’s “grateful for his time” in WWE. He thanked all his fans who have been with him throughout his journey.

In addition to that, Cash Wheeler said that the last three years have been “very rewarding” for him. From getting released from WWE to becoming the AEW Tag Team Champions, things have taken a cheery turn for them. Stating his WWE release and success in AEW, he wrote, “Take chance for your happiness and success.”

Cash Wheeler’s tweet

The AEW star is delighted about his ongoing situation and feels that people should strive to find happiness. With their debut in All Elite Wrestling, FTR proclaimed to the world why they are one of the absolute best tag teams in the pro wrestling world.

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FTR’s success in the AEW Tag Team Division

Cash Wheeler and Dax Hardwood
The Tag Team Champions Cash Wheeler and Dax Hardwood (via Instagram)

Following their WWE release, Cash Wheeler and Dax Hardwood debuted on AEW on May 27, 2020. Ever since then, the tag team known as FTR has dominated the entire roster. Not only did they showcase their charisma, but they also won championships in the company. The FTR won the AEW World Tag Team Championships in 2020.

Moreover, they went on to win the AAA World Tag Team Championships by defeating the Lucha Brothers. The FTR went to ROH and captured the ROH World Tag Team Championship, thus making them double champions. Furthermore, they stepped into NJPW and won the IWGP Tag Team Championship.

As a result, they become the Triple Tag Team Champions, creating history. They also delivered some of the highest-caliber matches on the roster with some of the most prominent superstars. Without a doubt, the FTR achieved tremendous success in All Elite Wrestling.

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