“It was a daunting task,” Chad Gable describes his jaw-dropping WrestleMania39 moment

Chad Gable displayed unfathomable strength at WrestleMania 39 when he lifted Braun Strowman to hit the Chaos Theory, leaving the fans awestruck.

“It was a daunting task,” Chad Gable describes his jaw-dropping WrestleMania39 moment

Chad Gable hits Braun Strowman the Chaos Theory (via WWE)

Chad Gable is one of the few superstars that has captivated the fans and the higher-ups in recent times. Despite his short stature, he has been demonstrating his unbelievable strength, leaving the fans in awe. However, one of the moments where fans got a glimpse of his unfathomable strength was WrestleMania 39. While speaking on a podcast, the 37-year-old recalled the moment in SoFi Stadium and called it “daunting.”


WrestleMania 39 featured a Men’s Showcase Match. Four of the tag teams participated in the match, including The Alpha Academy. However, one of the jaw-dropping moments from the match came when Chad Gable lifted Braun Strowman to hit the Chaos Theory. The 37-year-old displayed humongous strength, leaving the fans awestruck. The huge pop he received from the crowd was heard all over the SoFi stadium.

WrestleMania Showcase Match
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While speaking on the ‘Out of Character’ podcast with Ryan Satin, Chad Gable recounted the indelible moment. The former Raw Tag Team Champion said that he had never lifted anyone of Braun Strowman’s size or power before. Therefore, he referred to the moment as “a daunting task” and said that it gets strenuous for him to lift superstars of Strowman’s magnitude. “Braun is definitely the biggest guy I have ever done it on. It was a daunting task[…],” Gable said.

Moreover, Chad Gable said that he is quite happy that he was able to pull off the moment. Speaking about the Chaos Theory, he said that when he lifted Strowman and got him to the peak, his adrenaline rushed throughout his body. Moreover, he described it and said “Braun flew like a little baby” as he delivered the Chaos Theory.


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Chad Gable is likely to get the spotlight in WWE

Chad Gable and Otis
The Alpha Academy (via WWE)

Chad Gable is undoubtedly one of the most talented superstars currently on the main roster. Time and time again, he has displayed his unfathomable strength and enthralled the WWE Universe. However, the company has not yet harnessed his potential. The 37-year-old is currently performing in the tag team division alongside Otis. The faction known as The Alpha Academy has been entertaining the fans on WWE television.

However, one of the most trusted sources, WRKD Wrestling, reported last month about Chad Gable. It said that WWE was planning to give him a massive push as a singles competitor. Gable, who has been captivating the fans with his charisma, finally looks to have WWE’s attention. Moreover, the report states that Triple H is quite impressed with his performance and has major things in store for him.

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