“I would love it,” CM Punk addresses the possibility of AJ Lee returning to WWE for a second run

AJ Lee has not been seen in WWE for a long time!

“I would love it,” CM Punk addresses the possibility of AJ Lee returning to WWE for a second run

CM Punk and AJ Lee (via WWE)

Fans are always eager to see returns in WWE. One of the most anticipated returns that the WWE Universe has romanticized for years is that of the beloved AJ Lee. The person who is the closest source to the Geek Goddess has finally disclosed the status of her return. Lee’s husband, CM Punk, has addressed the possibility of his wife’s second run with the Stamford-based promotion.


Speaking on the MMA Hour, The Best in the World stated that although it is unlikely that AJ Lee would ever return to WWE, he would like to see one more run for her in the company. Besides, he opened his heart by saying that he considers himself the biggest fan of WWE’s ‘Black Widow.’

Therefore, the Second City Saint has expressed that he is rooting for his wife’s return to the WWE ring.

Probably not. I think there is [an open door]. Selfishly, I would love it. I'm her biggest fan. So, I love everything she does.
CM Punk on AJ Lee

The last match of the former Divas Champion was at the Raw after WrestleMania 31. It marked the day when Lee hung up her boots for good and said goodbye to the wrestling world. Since then, her fans have been rooting for her to return. A few months ago, it was speculated that the 37-year-old might return to WWE. However, all the rumors were hollow, as there is no sign of a potential return for the superstar as of now.


Besides, her husband, CM Punk, doesn’t hold himself back from any opportunity to reference the Geek Goddess on screen. The couple is going to complete their 10th anniversary this year, and their love for each other has been growing and glowing tremendously. It is going to be interesting to see if Punk’s wish to see his wife have another run gets somewhere or not in the future.

Cathy Kelly revealed AJ Lee was the reason she got interested in wrestling

AJ Lee has been a unique superstar throughout her career. From being the funny one to being the top lady, Lee has done it all. One more thing she has done in her career is to inspire people. An example of Lee being an inspiration is Cathy Kelley. The famous WWE media personality revealed that the Geek Goddess was the reason she got into wrestling.

AJ Lee
AJ Lee [via- WWE]

In an interview with the Lightweights Podcast, Kelley revealed that growing up, AJ Lee was her favorite superstar. In essence, she was the reason the backstage media personality used to tune in to the show.

I told this to CM Punk recently, that AJ Lee was the reason why I started watching wrestling, and I would really love to do a sit-down interview with her.
Cathy Kelley

AJ Lee has been involved in a number of interesting feuds throughout her career. Her iconic rivalries with Paige and the Bella Twins made her a star, while her hilarious angles with CM Punk and Daniel Bryan made fans adore her.


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