CM Punk namedrops former 3-time Divas Champion during his first promo back on Raw in almost a decade

The Best in the World did not forget to mention AJ Lee in his first public address on WWE television in nearly a decade.

CM Punk namedrops former 3-time Divas Champion during his first promo back on Raw in almost a decade

CM Punk on Raw [via- Wrestle Ops on X]

For the first time since 2014, CM Punk made his presence felt on Monday Night Raw last night. WWE made everyone wait until the final 10 minutes of the show, and that was worth it. Though Punk said a lot of things about returning to WWE, he gave a special shout-out to the former 3-time Divas Champion and his better half, AJ Lee.

The returning superstar said that AJ is absolutely fine, and that she sent her regards to the WWE Universe. And for what it’s worth, the jam-packed house in Nashville popped big. Some fans might tend to believe that Punk did nothing but foretell her wife’s future. It gave rise to whirlwind of speculations about AJ Lee’s WWE return.


AJ Lee retired from pro wrestling in April, 2015. Back in 2021, she did state that she’s physically healed, but she’s fine with letting the current crop of women have the spotlight. On the contrary, CM Punk is gunning to reinvigorate his stained legacy through his renewed run with WWE. Last night, he did not come with all of his guns blazing, but the promo was exactly what it needed to be: short and precise.

Punk also said that he received a heartwarming reception from people in the back, and almost everyone greeted him with warmth. He took a pause and looked dead into the camera. Though he didn’t specify, it was seemingly an outright reference to Seth Rollins’ ferocious reaction after Punk came through the curtains at Survivor Series.


Did CM Punk reference Paul Heyman in his promo on Raw?

One of the many things CM Punk uttered on the mic was referencing his former manager, Paul Heyman. The Best in the World delved into the past and tapped on the advice given to him by a wise man. Punk said he was told that he’d need to leave WWE to get everything he wanted. And now Punk’s back to get everything out of this place.

CM Punk and Paul Heyman
CM Punk and Paul Heyman [via- Fightful on X]

Notably, The Second City Saint didn’t throw any shade on his former boss, Tony Khan. And neither did Punk reference anything that happened to him these past months. Some fans complained about the lack of time WWE gave to the man who just blew the internet.

However, Punk would get countless opportunities to get anything and everything he has off his chest. As of now, WWE hasn’t confirmed CM Punk for any of their upcoming shows. But that might change at any given moment.


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