WATCH: Fan footage shows CM Punk’s shocking reaction to Seth Rollins hurling abuses at him on his WWE return 

CM Punk was seen smiling in unseen footage while Seth Rollins was furious at the Survivor Series.

WATCH: Fan footage shows CM Punk’s shocking reaction to Seth Rollins hurling abuses at him on his WWE return 

CM Punk and Seth Rollins (via X)

After years of anticipation, CM Punk has finally returned to WWE. While the majority of fans are elated to see his homecoming, Seth Rollins is pissed off. The Visionary was not happy to see the Second City Saint return to WWE. When Punk returned, Rollins was furious and showed him some NSFW gestures.


Moreover, the current World Heavyweight Champion shouted at him. He was so angry that WWE commentators, Michael Cole and Corey Graves, had to hold him down. A video of CM Punk’s reaction to the situation has been making the rounds on the internet. Despite Rollins’ raging words, the 45-year-old looked quite relaxed.

After the Men’s Survivor Series WarGames ended, Seth Rollins was joyous, as his team got the better of Judgment Day after the fantastic return of Randy Orton. However, during the closing moments of the show, CM Punk made his long-awaited return, much to the dismay of the current World Heavyweight Champion. Watch Punk’s reaction below.

However, there’s no conclusive evidence that CM Punk reacted to Seth Rollins. His reaction could have been for Randy Orton in the ring as Punk waved someone looking straight into the direction of the ring. Therefore, it can only be speculated on, and nothing can be said for sure.


CM Punk and Seth Rollins have shared intense backstage heat for many years. Seth even said he would not like to work with Punk ever again if he returns while speaking on Logan Paul’s podcast Impulsive. But now that he is back, it will be interesting to see what Seth’s response will be in the upcoming weeks.

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CM Punk acknowledges his WWE return with a cryptic Instagram story

CM Punk finally made an appearance in WWE for the first time in nine years, and fans just can’t get over it. But it looks like even Punk can’t control himself when talking about his return. After the show ended, he shared a cryptic message on his Instagram story. It has been a buzzing topic since then.

CM Punk
CM Punk made his return to WWE (via WWE)

Punk took to Instagram and shared a story saying, “ACTUALLY YEAH, MAYBE TODAY, SATAN.” It is directly related to his return, as his story implies that today’s the day when he will make the big step of joining the company that he left nine years ago. Fans deciphered the picture that he used and finally acknowledged Punk’s return to WWE.

CM Punk Instagram story
CM Punk shares an Instagram story after his return (via Instagram)

Now that Punk has returned to WWE, fans can expect many interesting feuds between him and countless main roster superstars. The fans are wondering what Punk’s next big step will be in the upcoming weeks. Some of the WWE superstars are not happy with his return. What unfolds in the coming weeks remains to be seen.

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