“Biggest pop in history of wrestling” – UFC legend makes bold claim after CM Punk’s SPECTACULAR return to WWE

UFC star and expert Chael Sonnen congratulates CM Punk on his bold comeback to the survival series after a nine-year absence.

“Biggest pop in history of wrestling” – UFC legend makes bold claim after CM Punk’s SPECTACULAR return to WWE

Chael Sonnen applauds CM Punk's return to the survivor series (via Digital Spy/SEScoops)

The wrestling world saw the amazing comeback of CM Punk at the 2023 WWE Survivor Series. This made it one of the biggest surprises in WWE history. The buildup to the event was already intense. Rumors were swirling regarding the return of great superstars like Punk and former champion Randy Orton. Former UFC fighter Chael Sonnen had some words regarding this.

UFC legend Chael Sonnen, known for his fiery personality, turned to social media to express his surprise at Punk’s reception. When Punk made his entrance, this is what Sonnen called it:

Biggest pop in history of wrestling when @CMPunk walked out tonight.
Chael Sonnen via X

The WWE Universe acknowledged Sonnen’s claim, exploding in shouts of “CM Punk” as the iconic wrestler basked in the crowd’s adoration. Even earlier arch-rival Triple H, now the WWE’s Chief Content Officer, recognized the significance of Punk’s comeback. Triple H described it as a “lightning in a bottle moment” that came together swiftly. He emphasized his joy at having Punk back in the WWE.

The surprising WWE return sparked fan speculation about Punk’s possible storylines and matches in the coming months. With a positive response from both fans and WWE management, there is hope that Punk’s return will be long-lasting. This may prove to be another influential chapter in his wrestling career.

CM Punk’s short stint in the UFC

Punk’s entry into the UFC was a big shift from his stellar professional wrestling career. CM Punk, born Phillip Jack Brooks, joined the UFC with much excitement but encountered significant hurdles moving from scripted entertainment to the harsh world of mixed martial arts. The UFC announced the signing of CM Punk in December 2014.

CM Punk's short stint at UFC
CM Punk’s short stint at UFC (via Daily Express)

Punk made his UFC debut on September 10, 2016, at UFC 203 in Cleveland, Ohio. Mickey Gall was his opponent, a promising prospect with many MMA fights under his belt. The fight was over in the first round, with Punk losing to a rear-naked choke submission. The conclusion showed the significant talent difference between Punk, an MMA newcomer, and Gall, a seasoned fighter.

Punk took a two-year break following his defeat to strengthen his training and skill improvement. His dedication to the sport was clear as he worked to improve before returning to the octagon.

However, his return against Mike Jackson at UFC 225 in June 2018 again ended in disappointment. Punk was defeated by a decision, which was later reversed to a no-contest owing to testing positive for marijuana from Jackson. This fight marked the end of CM Punk’s short UFC career.


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