WWE Hall of Famer lays down his perfect dream scenario for CM Punk’s re-debut amid Survivor Series return rumors

Bully Ray has suggested an out-of-the-box scenario for CM Punk to return to WWE in Chicago.

WWE Hall of Famer lays down his perfect dream scenario for CM Punk’s re-debut amid Survivor Series return rumors

CM Punk [via- Wrestle Features on X]

Despite the conflicting reports, fans are still raving for CM Punk‘s WWE return at Survivor Series 2023. Everyone has their theories as to how they’d want to insert Punk into the current storylines if he were to come back home this weekend. Recently, WWE Hall of Famer Bully Ray disclosed one of his own.


On the latest edition of the Busted Open Radio podcast, the 52-year-old emulated what the fans have been doing over the past month or so. He revealed how he’d want CM Punk to make his comeback. Bully presumed that when Team Cody Rhodes beat The Judgment Day and Drew McIntyre, Randy Orton would hit an RKO to Cody Rhodes. That will send the entire Allstate Arena into a sense of disbelief.

You do the War Games, babyfaces go over, babyfaces are hands raised and out of nowhere, [Orton hits the] RKO on Cody and ‘holy s**t, what just happened’ and everyone is in complete shock –- and then hit ‘Cult of Personality.’ Punk comes out on the stage, go off the air.
Bully Ray on how he’d re-debut CM Punk in WWE

Bully Ray stated that it could be the perfect moment when the Cult of Personality hits the Allstate Arena, CM Punk returns, and the show goes off-air. It’s worth mentioning that the majority of the fans are against what Bully Ray has proffered.

Even if Orton eventually ends up turning on Rhodes, CM Punk’s arrival would completely take everything out of Randy’s heel turn, fans complained. One-half of The Dudley Boyz might be hoping for Punk’s return to end up in a cliffhanger, but it has not sat well with the WWE Universe.


Has WWE changed its previous mindset on CM Punk?

In the latest round of updates, Fightful Select has reported that WWE’s stance on CM Punk hasn’t changed. It’s been stagnant from the get-go, and they’ve not held talks with The Best in the World to return to their company. Despite the rumors, there are conflicting reports about his WWE return.

CM Punk
CM Punk [via- AEW on X]

Does that mean there’s no chance the fans should expect Punk in Chicago? The answer to this would be slightly tentative, as there’s nothing called ‘no’ in the realm of professional wrestling. The possibility of it happening is not zero.

Fightful reporter Sean Ross Sapp did say that he wouldn’t be surprised if WWE and Punk had already held talks. But, as of now, The Second City Saint is not planned to be there at this Saturday’s Survivor Series.

The company has also confirmed that a post-show press conference will take place. It has certainly raised some hopes. Well, even if Punk doesn’t return, Triple H should prepare himself to combat a blitzkrieg of CM Punk queries at the media scrum.


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