39-year-old WWE Superstar’s new look for the heel promo on SmackDown was inspired by Scarface’s Tony Montana

Fans were intrigued about the new heel look sported by Santos Escobar that was seemingly inspired from Tony Montana.

39-year-old WWE Superstar’s new look for the heel promo on SmackDown was inspired by Scarface’s Tony Montana

Mystery Superstar and Tony Montana (via Sescoops)

WWE Universe is witnessing some serious gripping storylines. One of them is the animosity that has recently begun between the former Master, Rey Mysterio, and Protege, Santos Escobar. The Emperor of Lucha Libre is cutting heel promos to unleash his frustration. While his words make the fans quite livid, they can’t help but notice his iconic attire that they found resembling Scarface’s Tony Montana.


The Leader of Legado Del Fantasma was seen on the previous week’s SmackDown. He dropped a vicious promo where he wished the worst for the Greatest-Mask-of-All-Time. During the promo, Escobar was donning a White suit paired with a red shirt. It was seemingly inspired by the protagonist of the 1983 crime/thriller, Scarface’s Tony Montana.

Those who have been following Escobar from his NXT days know the style statement that he likes to carry. Additionally, it seems his character is suffering similar egoistic issues that Tony Montana, played by Al Pacino. It could very well be an Easter egg that only those with a keen eye would identify. In any case, it suited Escobar and the heel vibe that he wanted to carry.

Currently, Escobar is developing a feud with the entire LWO. Ever since he unleashed his vicious attack on Mysterio, he has been on the radar of Carlito, Zelina Vega, and Legado Del Fantasma. Many fans expect to see him debut a new faction as a counter to LWO. It would be interesting to see how this story is going to unfold in the upcoming weeks.


Santos Escobar to recruit 3 new superstars against LWO

Santos Escobar seems to have declared war against his former stable, LWO. Ever since his shocking betrayal, he has continuously unleashed verbal attacks against Carlito, Zelina Vega, Rey Mysterio, Joaquin Wilde, and Cruz Del Toro. Fans could expect him to recruit three other superstars from NXT- Humberto Carrillo, Angel Garza, and Elektra Lopez.

All these wrestlers have intertwined roots. Humberto and Angel are the nephews of Hector Garza who was one of the original founders of LWO. Meanwhile, Elektra was briefly associated with Legado Del Fantasma before they left NXT. The Emperor of Lucha Libre can look forward to using Lopez as an evening factor against Zelina Vega.

Santos Escobar
Santos Escobar (via WWE)

The profound history gives a great possibility to the formation of this stable. It can even lead to a stable war in the absence of Rey Mysterio. It would not only add authenticity to the story but would also give sufficient time to build a match between Escobar and Mysterio at a much grander stage.

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