Santos Escobar justifies betraying Rey Mysterio with a ferocious message on social media 

Santos Escobar justifies his actions after attacking his idol Rey Mysterio.

Santos Escobar justifies betraying Rey Mysterio with a ferocious message on social media 

Santos Escobar and Rey Mysterio (via WWE)

On last week’s edition of SmackDown, after Carlito lost his match against Bobby Lashley, Santos Escobar attacked Rey Mysterio from behind. The whole WWE Universe was in shock as to why he did it. Well, to answer that question, Escobar sent a strong message on social media.

After the Lucha legend lost his match against Logan Paul at Crown Jewel, Carlito accused Escobar of leaving the brass knuckles on the apron well within reach of Logan. Escobar, hurt by this allegation, left the ring. Rey tried to make peace between the two, but he failed to do so.

Finally, after the match, Santos Escobar betrayed Rey and brutally attacked him from behind, and he continued to utter the words, “It was supposed to be you and me“. Many fans speculated that Santos might have felt jealous of this whole Carlito and Rey friendship. On the other hand, some fans thought that he felt overshadowed by Rey as he took away all the spotlight when he became the United States champion.

Escobar took to Twitter and shared a ferocious message by sharing a picture of him attacking Rey. He accused Rey of ruining the LWO, as he might’ve thought he was the true leader of the group. It will be interesting to see what the future holds for Escobar after his shocking actions.  

Santos Escobar has high praises for Vince McMahon

Escobar revealed how important Vince McMahon is for him and this business. He was so grateful to finally meet him when Rey Mysterio hooked up Escobar with him.

Vince McMahon and Santos Escobar
Vince McMahon and Santos Escobar (via WWE)
I've met Vince McMahon three or four times in my life, but it was always in passing, we never had at least 20 seconds to acknowledge each other's face. This was important to me, why? Because I live in a world of his creation. I always wanted to meet him, so when I learned he was there, and I told Rey about you hook me up with Vince. We found out where he was and I had the opportunity to meet the creator of the universe I live in.
Santos Escobar on After the Bell

While giving an interview on WWE’s After the Bell, he said he is so grateful to Vince for everything he has done for WWE and that he lives in the world Vince created. He further added that he was inspired by so many people, like Eddie, Rey, and Vince, who was certainly one of them. Now that Escobar is starting his journey as a solo superstar, it will be interesting to see what his next path will be.

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