WATCH: CM Punk takes a massive dig at Roman Reigns’ part-time WWE schedule, asserts being a Paul Heyman guy way before The Tribal Chief

CM Punk name drops Paul Heyman and fires shots at Roman Reigns.

WATCH: CM Punk takes a massive dig at Roman Reigns’ part-time WWE schedule, asserts being a Paul Heyman guy way before The Tribal Chief

CM Punk,Roman Reigns,and Paul Heyman (via Google)

CM Punk is the talk of the town after he made his iconic return to the Survivor Series after nine long years. He has made appearances on SmackDown and Raw Brands now. Although his return to Raw was a little bit underwhelming after reports said his promo was cut short, but he made that count and delivered an amazing promo for the blue brand.

Punk made several references to the current superstars on SmackDown, like Randy Orton, LA Knight, and Kevin Owens. But the one name The Best in the World said, which shocked the WWE Universe, was of The Tribal Chief, Roman Reigns. He referred to Roman as the guy who is never around here. He also name-dropped Paul Heyman and said he was the ‘Paul Heyman Guy’ way before Roman.


Most of the fans wanted Punk to talk about the person who was so angry when he returned, the current World Heavyweight Champion, Seth Rollins. Rollins has expressed his disappointment with Punk’s return many times in several interviews and live shows. But Punk clearly avoided any Rollins chants and went ahead with his promo. His promo was mainly focused on which brand he would join..

Although Roman is very popular among fans, he is often criticized for not appearing on the shows and not defending his title more. Roman is scheduled to feature on next week’s episode of SmackDown. It will be interesting to see whether the Tribal Chief will address Punk’s promo and give him an answer or not.

Seth Rollins finally reveals what he truly feels about CM Punk’s return

CM Punk’s return had all the fans going crazy at the Survivor Series, but one person who was not happy to see him was Seth Rollins. Many fans believe there is bad blood between these two superstars in real life, too. Seth finally opens up about his problem with Punk.

CM Punk and Seth Rollins
CM Punk and Seth Rollins (via X)

The Architect spoke with Sports Illustrated, and he had one or two good things to share about the Second City Saint too. He said how he helped him in his early days, even when he didn’t need to. But everything went downhill once Punk was released. Rollins further added that he has said many bad things about him and the company for years. Seth also agreed to have some animosity between him and Punk.

"I just think he's been really selfish. And look I have got a lot of good things to say about part of my relationship with him, you know he helped me in places when he didn't have to, and look he said some really bad things about me, talk down about me for years, and the company for years. I just felt pretty insulted by the ways he treated me, treated the place that I worked for, treated friends that I worked with, so there is certainly some animosity there."
Seth Rollins on CM Punk on Sports Illustrated

Punk avoided Seth in today’s SmackDown promo. WWE could be thinking of keeping these two superstars as far away as possible for now, so they can stretch their story until the biggest stage of them all, WrestleMania. It will be interesting to see what Rollins has to say about Punk’s fiery promo, and fans will also know which brand the 45-year-old will join on next week’s episode of Raw.

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