CM Punk yearns punching 26-year-old Superstar in the face back during his first WWE match since 2014

CM Punk is hellbent on schooling Dominik Mysterio when the latter goes one-on-one with him at MSG.

CM Punk yearns punching 26-year-old Superstar in the face back during his first WWE match since 2014

CM Punk vows to punch Dominik Mysterio [via- WWE]

Ever since WWE announced CM Punk’s in-ring return, fans have been buzzing about the beginning of a new era for The Best in the World. He’s scheduled to take on Dominik Mysterio at a live event on December 26 at Madison Square Garden. It has to be a dream-come-true moment for both of these superstars. For Dom, what a sight it would be to get recognized as Punk’s first opponent since his WWE return at last month’s Survivor Series.


As for Punk, it was years in the making for him to get his hands on Mysterio. Last night, The Best in the World was a guest commentator on the CFFC 128 event. He promoted his forthcoming showdown against The Judgment Day member and expressed his desire to punch Dom’s face since he was 8 years old. For those who don’t know, CM Punk battled Dominik’s father, Rey Mysterio, at WrestleMania 26.

During that time, Rey’s entire family was brought in for the storyline. And that’s how long Punk had his sights set on Dominik. But in just a matter of days, The Second City Savior will get to lay his hands over the modern-day Latino heat.

Come out to the LA Kia Forum! Watch me beat up Dirty Dominik. I've been wanting to punch this kid in the face since he was 8 years old.
CM Punk via CFFC broadcast

Adding Punk to the aforementioned house show at MSG has done wonders for ticket sales as well. Ever since being advertised, The Straight Edge Superstar has helped WWE move close to 1,100 tickets, in addition to an already booming number. A packed house in NYC is expected to witness Punk’s WWE return match live in person.


CM Punk has been a focal point in securing a broadcast partner for Raw

Everyone knows how big of an acquisition CM Punk has been for WWE. Ever since getting back, he has augmented the business, including his merchandise being at the top of the chart and the sudden spike of viewership in his segments on shows.

CM Punk
CM Punk returns to SmackDown this week [via- WWE]

Adding one more feather to his cap, it has been revealed that he’s been the selling point for WWE seeking a new media rights partner for Monday Night Raw. Moreover, WWE officials, including Triple H and Nick Khan, along with Endeavor COO Mark Shapiro, reportedly met WBD’s Chief Revenue Officer this past Monday morning in NYC.

As per PWInsider, though the meeting was said to go well, it’s unclear whether WWE’s flagship show would be moved to the multinational mass media conglomerate presided over by David Zaslav.

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