Breaking – Cody Rhodes reveals his dream opponent in WWE

Cody Rhodes has recently named AJ Styles as his dream opponent in WWE.

Cody Rhodes
The American Nightmare considers AJ Styles as his dream opponent in WWE.

Ever since returning to WWE last month, The American Nightmare Cody Rhodes has been the talk of the town. He’s being treated like a big megastar by WWE on their shows. The biggest pleasure that wrestling fans received about Cody’s return was from WWE keeping his presentation of Cody Rhodes as the American Nightmare and letting him use the same theme song “Kingdom” from Downstrait he used during his run with AEW. Due to this, his entrance music at Wrestlemania inside of the AT&T stadium generated one of the loudest return pops of all time. But now when all the dust has been settled and he’s back home, there’s so much more for him to do inside a WWE ring.

He has already cleared his intentions to go after the WWE Championship and capture it in future as he has some unfinished business with the company upon his return. He’s here to dream big and achieve more.

Cody Rhodes was the very recent guest on ‘Stone Cold’ Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Sessions podcast where The Texas Rattlesnake threw a rapid-fire round on him asking multiple questions on various topics where he was supposed to answer them in one word or a sentence. One of the most interesting questions of all that he asked to Cody was about who he considers as his dream opponent in WWE!?

The answer came real quick and it was none other than The Phenomenal One – AJ STYLES. Well, this was a very interesting choice from Cody as it’s another dream feud WWE fans would love to witness upon their TV screens at some point in future.

You can watch that rapid-fire round part of the Broken Skull Sessions below.

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When we could probably see The Phenomenal One cross his paths with the American Nightmare?

Cody Rhodes
Cody Rhodes Vs. AJ Styles is a sure-shot dream feud in WWE.

Well not only we as fans, I’m very sure that WWE must have listed AJ Styles on that list of opponents they would love to put Cody against with. AJ Styles has recently resigned a multi-year deal with WWE so there’s no question left about whether Styles would be there that long in WWE to run this dream program. Cody Rhodes have also been locked in on a multi-year agreement with the World Wrestling Entertainment as revealed by himself during his promo on Raw after Wrestlemania.

Some reports also state that Rhodes have some special sort of freedom in his WWE deal that he will enjoy going forward in the long run. So, tying all the knots in unison, if Cody do wants AJ Styles as his dream opponent, we will definitely see this epic feud unfold upon one day.

Styles Vs. Rhodes is already a Wrestlemania caliber match that will only add upon the pride of the match-card of the event it’s been booked for. Going with my opinion, I would say that this feud is just a matter of time before it really happens.

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