“DREAM SCENARIO is to create a moment that everybody’s talking about” – Damian Priest want to make WWE Clash At The Castle memorable

Damian Priest wants to create some moments at the clash at the castle so that the audience cherishes the event throughout their lives.

Damian Priest
Damian Priest
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Damian Priest is not someone who spent his young days in WWE. Damian started hia wrestling career through Ring Of Honor followed by NXT which eventually led him to the main roster. His starring weeks in WWE were filled with winning streaks helping him gain massive followers. He also won the WWE United States Championship and retained it against many popular faces in the show.

At WrestleMania 38, he helped the R Rated Superstar who faced A J Styles in the event. On winning, Edge and Damian Priest celebrated the victory together resulting in the formation of an alliance that cane to be known as ‘The Judgement Day.’ The duo coordinated brilliantly against their rivals and also along with Rhea Ripley, won matches. The stable, recently, introduced Finn Balor as their newest member before the latter kicked out Edge and became the leader instead. 

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The Damian Priest dreams of making WWE Clash At The Castle a successful event

The newly formed Judgement Day
The newly formed Judgement Day

The newly formed Judgement Day has an onset rivalry with the Mysterios. The two have met at various events to prove their dominance. Recently, the two went against each other where the Mysterios defeated the Judgement with the help of Edge. Edge had been out of action after his team turned against him and he came seeking for revenge at SummerSlam. 

With the situation that The Judgement Day is in, it is definite that they have a spot reserved for them at the Clash At The Castle. The event holds an important significance for Damian Priest. He said, “We know the importance of this event in Cardiff, and what it means to the UK. If we can stand out in anyway and the next day, everybody’s talking about the Judgment Day – that’s the ideal scenario.” 

He wants to leave a mark in the ring at the event. He said that it is not compulsory to win the match but to create something that people will cherish for ever. He also doesn’t want to make only his match special but he is thinking if the wider picture of the entire event to be worth remembering. The Clash At The Castle is as such not that big a pay per view event. If something unexpected happens, the WWE audience is sure to take a massive leap. 

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