“I would take more just to show up” When Dean Ambrose revealed the ridiculous amount paid to him for his last appearance in WWE

Ambrose alleged that he never got his dues for the segment which WWE milked after his departure as The Shield's Final Chapter.

Dean Ambrose

Dean Ambrose (now known as Jon Moxley) used to be one of the most loved stars in WWE. During his tenure in the company Ambrose was generally portrayed as “The Lunatic Fringe” who could go to any extent to decimate his opponents. Ambrose debuted with Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins as part of the faction THE SHIELD.

The faction earned huge acclaim but the company had bigger plans for the trio. In a shocking event when Seth Rollins turned on the faction, the trio got separated and all of them were on their own pursuit. Ambrose too got a great push and even became the WWE Champion but his title run was short-lived.

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Dean Ambrose reveals how much he was paid for his last appearance at RAW

Dean Ambrose
Dean Ambrose’s final days were later dubbed as Shield’s Final Chapter which Ambrose claimed he never got dues for.

Soon, Ambrose would become frustrated with the creative direction his character was being led to and decided to leave the company in 2019 after his contract expired. Ambrose would later vent out his frustrations at an episode of Talk is Jericho where he would blame WWE and especially Vince McMahon for the creative degradation of the company.

Showing his disappointment with his character Ambrose said that if he wanted to change something in the script then he had to directly take approval from Vince. Then there were also continuous arguments about the Lunatic fringe gimmick for Ambrose as The former shield member said he wanted some change for good.

In the same episode Dean Ambrose revealed that he was merely paid 500$ for his final appearance at RAW on April 8,2019. The final send off was nothing to remember as well as Bobby Lashley put him through an announcer’s table and even went on to say that when Ambrose is gone he’ll be the one to take care of his wife, a line which was completely uncalled for.

And the off AIR segment of The Shield’s Final Chapter that was well promoted by WWE , as alleged by Ambrose he never got any due for it. Dean Ambrose revealed- “They turned this into a special.Flew in writers, cameramen, put it on the network, basically for me, $500″.

He went on to say that he would take more than this just to show up at the event. Ambrose looked out to clear a lot off his chest in the interview as he dragged everyone he could, even Brock Lesnar as well. Nevertheless, it is clear that Ambrose and WWE weren’t on the same page but the treatment he received in his last days was definitely not worth it.

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