WATCH: Dexter Lumis makes another STALKING appearance on Raw, tries to interfere in a title match

Styles was facing Lashley for the US Title before The Miz and Ciampa tried to interfere, but their party was shorty crashed by an uninvited mysterious guest, guess who? Dexter Lumis

Dexter Lumis
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Last week fans were left shocked after witnessing Dexter Lumis’ unexpected return. To those who are unaware, during Kevin Owens’ backstage interview last week a car crashed behind Owens and police officers arrested an unknown man in a black hoodie who had covered his face. The car crash went seemingly unnoticed as neither Owens nor the commentators acknowledged the segment when it happened. The WWE Universe was left scratching their heads as to exactly what had happened.

But moments later, when AJ Styles defeated The Miz and Ciampa to earn a US Title, shot, the same man in the black hoodie was seen walking through the audience and would continue staring at AJ Styles before being arrested by the police again. There was a sign of confusion on everyone’s face until Dexter’s face was finally shown but only a few were able to recognize him. Even the commentators were susceptive of him as they murmured his name at the last.

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Dexter Lumis makes an interesting appearance again on RAW, saves AJ Styles

Dexter Lumis
Dexter Lumis made a shocking appearance as he saved Styles from The Miz.

The overall segment was very well perceived by the audience and wrestling observers as they felt that the mysterious and suspenseful events built a great premise for Lumis’ return. On this Monday Night Raw, AJ Styles was battling Bobby Lashley for The US Title but the proceedings of the match would then be interrupted by Ciampa and The Miz as they walked down the ringside in order to distract Lashley and Styles.

While Ciampa tried to grab the attention of Lashley, The Miz walked near the commentator’s table to attack AJ Styles but before he could, Voila! Dexter Lumis showed up again and surprisingly made the save for Styles as he jumped over the barricade near the commentator’s table before being manhandled by the security members. The Miz looked completely astonished as he was trying to process what was going on. Then the show would go on a commercial break and when we come back Miz and Ciampa are no longer present ringside.

It is later revealed that during the commercial break referee debarred Ciampa from the ringside while The Miz was attacked by Bobby Lashley. But the thing here to note is that on both the occasions when Lumis has made an appearance AJ Styles has been in the ring, and on both the occasions Lumis has tried to sneak into the arena as if he wants to deliver a message to Styles. Well only time will tell the intentions of Lumis but his return and mysterious nature of character have indeed increased the curiosity of wrestling fans.

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