“National F***ing Treasure”; Dolph Ziggler remarks highly of multi-time Champion wishing her stay for 60 years

“National F***ing Treasure”; Dolph Ziggler remarks highly of multi-time Champion wishing her stay for 60 years

Dolph Ziggler (Image Credits: WWE)

The Show off Dolph Ziggler have lashed heavy praise for one of WWE’s long-term superstars. We are talking about none other than R-Truth. As seen on Raw last night, 54-time 24/7 Champion made his return in his home town of North Carolina. He participated in a promo segment between Johnny Gargano and The Miz.

The A-lister was bragging about how that lunatic head Dexter Lumis made his life a living hell. Further, he got interrupted by one of Dexter’s close friends, Johnny Gargano, who has been trying to encourage The Miz to utter the truth in front of everyone. Miz, however had made this clear that he doesn’t stores any lie in regards to Lumis.


Johnny threatened to blow the whistle into A-lister and asked the people of North Carolina to come along. The whole setup included the use of word “truth” many times and that eventually brought out someone with the exact name. Yes, you may have guessed this right, R-Truth came out filled with energy, as always.

He rapped all way along to the ring and then stood in front of Gargano and The Miz joking about how they were fighting over about a “Truth”, well, now he’s in front of them. We know how great he gets in these kind of situations. That comedic punch was great throughout the segment and the baby-faces smartly prompted the Miz for a match.

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Dolph Ziggler lauds up the 50-year old veteran with some kind words

Dolph Ziggler praises R-Truth
R-Truth, Johnny Gargano and The Miz on WWE Raw last night (Image Credits: WWE)

Former World Heavyweight Champion, Dolph Ziggler knows where the real money is and what need s to get heavy appreciation. We have seen both R-Truth and Dolph Ziggler entertain us for so many years in WWE, sadly they aren’t at the top of food chain at the moment. Fans still clamour for these superstar to get some sort of push from the management, but to zero avail.

Ziggler reacted to his appearance on last night’s NXT featuring Truth in an appealing role. He thought that it’s Halloween Havoc and was acting like it’s host, the show obviously passed this Sunday night already.

On Twitter, Dolph Ziggler tweeted out showering his utmost appraisal for the former United States Champion saying he’s a National f***** Treasure, also he hopes for Truth to be around for another 60 years.


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